Many organizations made significant investment in user experience, web self-service, knowledge management and web content management solutions. Yet, it is still difficult and time-consuming for customers to find what’s helpful and relevant.

Introduce a guided servicing experience and make the process visible to both service agents and customers — critical to reduce customer effort and improve the overall customer experience.
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About the Client

Prior to engaging Uniphore, this Fortune 100 insurer had built an award winning digital platform to serve customers. Their customers, however, were calling in to place their roadside service requests, simply out of habit. Our client was looking for the right way to guide their callers to effortless and successful self-service interactions. While they wanted to boost self-service, they cared deeply about the customer experience and wanted to learn and improve CX and self-service rates on an ongoing basis.

Our Approach

Uniphore’s Customer Service Automation Platform, Uniphore Interact, was used to integrate the client’s voice platform with their award-winning digital experience on their website to deliver a multimodal visual IVR.

The visual IVR doubled down as a multimodal AI / virtual assistant enabling the caller to engage over voice as well as over the web to effortlessly complete the intake process.

This meant that more customers self-served digitally without having to speak to an agent. Those who connected with an agent did so over a shorter call as the customer’s journey context was shared with the agent thereby reducing average handling time.


  • Boosted digital adoption by 31.5%.
  • Customer effort dropped by 50% measured by the time it took to complete roadside service requests.
  • Average handle time (AHT) dropped by 11% in the calls that required agent assistance.
  • Resounding support for the new technology measured by a 4.7 out of 5 star customer experience (CX) rating

What's Next

Using the granular reporting and analytics provided by Uniphore’s customer service automation platform, the client is finding additional opportunities to boost digital adoption and acting on those opportunities with precision and agility. The result, that digital adoption rate keeps getting better.