I filed a complaint about a product and uploaded a picture of the issue. Within seconds I was notified that my issue was resolved.

Shufersal Customer Feedback

A digital logo featuring the word shuferal for customer service.
A logo showcasing the word "shuferal" for online customer service.

About the Client

Shufersal is the largest supermarket chain in Israel, operating 277 stores nationwide and employing approximately 13,000 employees. The company also carries the largest online retail grocery presence across the country.

The team at Shufersal was looking for ways to engage customers where they were and deliver an effortless customer experience. Shufersal needed a way to add guided self-servicing capabilities to their existing customer support channels to service their customers and manage the volume of requests coming into the contact center more effectively.

Our Approach

Prior to working with Uniphore, Shufersal had successfully implemented several self-service channels for their customers. Though customers widely used Shufersal’s web site, mobile app, social and messaging channels, large volumes of customer requests came into the contact centers as well.

Shufersal offered a digital customer service concierge as an add-on to their mobile app, website, IVR, print receipts (QR codes) and messaging (WhatsApp) channels to guide customers to self-service.

Uniphore’s no-code multiexperience designer came in handy as the guided digital customer service experience was built once and deployed across multiple channels rapidly.

Customers are now able to check on orders, report issues and find solutions by themselves without having to speak to an associate.


  • Shufersal was able to substantially reduce the call volume  flowing into the contact center.
  • Response times for certain inquiries that previously took (on average) 2 days to resolve, are now resolved immediately.
  • Increasing the reach and effectiveness of self-service led to a reduction in customer effort.
  • Customers shared positive reviews of their shopping and customer service experiences boosting trust in online grocery shopping.
  • Trust in the speed and effectiveness of eCommerce customer service has fueled the growth of online grocery shopping.

What's Next

Shufersal has seen a dramatic increase in utilization across all their various customer servicing channels as a direct result of the Covid-19 lockdown. One channel, WhatsApp, has increased in utilization more than others.

With the usage data that has been collected post-lockdown, Shufersal and Uniphore were able to implement new guided servicing flows to better serve the customers on that channel. Shufersal will continue to analyze usage data, add to and refine, and grow the capabilities of the already highly capable self-service channels.