Q Real-Time for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Empower Every Sale: Emotional Insights Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics

While CRMs merely track activity and historical data, Q for Sales offers an in-depth qualitative analysis, revolutionizing your understanding of meetings, deals and sales methodologies. It doesn’t just tell you what happened during an interaction–it provides insights into how and why it happened, setting it apart from any other solution.

When connected with Microsoft Dynamics, Q makes these insights available everywhere your team meets and works.

Take a Deep Dive into Meeting Dynamics

Qualitative Measures & Analysis: Delve beyond mere data points. Understand the nuances of your meetings, extracting deeper insights into content effectiveness, buyer reactions and seller performance.

Sales Methodology Adherence: With Q for Sales, you can gauge how well your sales methodologies are being followed and completed. It's not just about ticking boxes; it's about understanding your strategy's efficiency.

Seller EQ Insights: Harness the power of emotional intelligence in sales. Understand how your sales representatives resonate with potential clients and use that knowledge to tailor your approach.

The Buyer's Perspective: Engagement & Sentiment Analysis

Get an unparalleled look into your buyer's mind. With Q for Sales, you don't just get a log of meetings—you gain a deeper understanding of:

Get 3x the insights with Q for Sales to help you move deals forward.

Integration Overview

The Q for Sales + Microsoft Dynamics integration provides end users with the ability to view account- and opportunity-level information from within Q for Sales. As meetings are processed, Q will automatically associate meetings with Accounts and Opportunities.

Once a meeting has been associated with an Account and Opportunity, Q’s bi-directional integration will log Past Meetings and Action items within CRM on the Account or Opportunity Record. This reduces the amount of time required to update CRM with the activity.

Integration Setup

Dynamics can be connected using OAuth 2.0. The connection options are outlined below.

Screenshot of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software connection setup page with fields for connection type, URL, and account details.

Remove the guesswork and move deals forward.
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