Q Real-Time for Microsoft Teams

Focus on the conversation, we’ll keep track of the key moments for you.

About Teams + Q For Sales

Q for Sales integrates with Teams to give you real-time insights into your prospect’s sentiment, engagement, and reactions during meetings, to improve the way your team sells. Our AI analyzes vision, voice, and tone to recognize the most important moments in every conversation, proactively notifying you of commitments and risks across all your deals, helping you close more business and boost sales performance.  

Teams-Native Application

Q for Sale's Teams’ application works seamlessly within your Teams environment, supporting Teams’ native meeting recording and consent controls, so your reps and your prospects have a truly frictionless experience, with no training required.

Surface the moments that truly matter

Improve your team’s ability to “read” the room. Our AI identifies the deal-making and deal breaking moments in every meeting—validated by your prospect's reactions. Q for Sales proactively notifies you about important commitments and surfaces EQ-based coaching opportunities to guide your sellers to more successful closes.

Simplify day-to-day workflows

Simply, automatic. Q for Sales eliminates the need for notetaking so you can focus on the conversation. Consent is gathered seamlessly in every call, and every recording is instantly analyzed by Q for Sales. In less than 5 minutes post meeting, Q for Sales gives you meeting insights into both the logical and emotional drivers of every deal.

Coach based on customer insights

Amplify your understanding with insights validated by the voice of your customer. With meeting and deal insights backed by real customer reactions, Q for Sales helps reps recognize areas of self-improvement, understand customer needs, and scale what works across teams.

Get 3x the insights with Q for Sales to help you move deals forward.

Connecting to Teams 

To connect Q for Sales to your Teams account successfully, your Teams Admin will need to approve the Q for Sales Marketplace Teams Application for your organization.

There are two main installation steps by an IT admin for the Q for Sales and MS Teams integration.

  1. The Q for Sales bot is a multi-tenant application that allows the app to be registered to any Azure Active Directory tenant. This method streamlines the Q for Sales bot installation process for your tenant. The first step is registering and providing the Q for Sales Azure Bot within your Azure Tenant. This Azure bot is used to subscribe for MS Teams meeting events, at which point the Q Bot will join to record the meeting.
  2. The second step is installing the Q for Sales MS Teams Tab App, which is used to provide Real-time feedback within the meeting. Please note the Azure Bot must join the meeting for the MS Teams Tab App to work. (https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200004930?tab=Overview)
  3. The Azure Bot and the Teams Tab app will need to be provisioned to your Proof of Concept (POC) users based on your company’s application provisioning policies.

Permission Required: Azure AD Admin is required to take the steps below.

  1. In the Q for Sales application,

    1. Click the Settings Icon

    2. Click the pencil icon next to Authorize Collaboration

    3. Click Authorize under Microsoft Calendar

    4. Follow the authorization instructions: Sign into your Office 365 account and authorize access to your Office 365 calendar.

    5. Click Authorize under Microsoft Teams

    6. Follow the authorization instructions: Sign into your Office 365 account and authorize access to Teams

  2. After successful authorization, you will be redirected back to Q-sales app, and you will see that the Microsoft Teams app is shown as authorized in the user settings. 

  3. You are now ready to start your Teams meeting. Start your Teams meeting and confirm that the Q for Sales Recorder has joined your call. Enable the Waiting Room to only allow the Recorder in the meetings you want to record. 

  4. Navigate to the Apps section within your Teams Meeting window and click to open the Q For Sales application

  5. You should see the Q for Sales Real-Time Application appear.
    Note: When the Q for Sales Recorder is present in your meetings, you will be able to view the real-time sentiment and engagement status of all meeting participants and pin the prospects that matter most. 

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