Q Real-Time for Outreach

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Tune into the Tone of All Your Outreach Conversations

Q for Sales captures all your Outreach calls and analyzes both the tone of voice and what was said for added context and understanding. Surface Key Moments based on your buyer’s reactions on the phone. Get a comprehensive view of every conversation and its impact at a deal level. And get a pulse on your market—so you never miss another key moment.

Analyze Outreach Conversations

Capture every sales conversation in one place. Understand both the words and the tone of voice on every call to get a read on your buyer’s sentiment and engagement.

Tonal Analysis

Q for Sales goes beyond the traditional NLP analysis found in other CI solutions. With our Multimodal AI models, we analyze the tone of voice used by the seller and the response of the buyer to enable more contextual coaching and more accurate insights.

Stereo Call Recording

Capture and ingest stereo call recordings for highly accurate conversational analysis, speaker detection, attribution and reporting.

Get 3x the insights with Q for Sales to help you move deals forward.

Integrating into Outreach

  1. Connecting as a Q admin:
    1. In the Q for Sales application, navigate to the Admin section.
    2. Click “Configure” in the “Connect your CRM/Engagement Service” section.
      1. Under the “Engagement” tab, find the “Outreach” section.

      2. Click “Connect”.

      3. Log in with the Outreach integration user credential.

    3. After successful authorization, click “Sync now” in the “Importing Users” section to import Outreach users to Q.
  2. You are now ready to start your Outreach outbound dialing calls.
  3. Once calls are completed, Q will regularly retrieve the call recordings from Outreach and process them with our conversational intelligence engine.
  1. You can configure the minimal duration of the sales call to be processed by Q:
    1. Under “General Administration” -> “Company,” find the “Sales Engagement” section. Click “Edit” to change your company preferred value. (It is set to two minutes by default.)

    2. Q’s conversational intelligence engine will ignore any call that is shorter than the specified minimal duration.


Q for Sales integrates with Outreach to give in-depth insights into your prospect’s sentiment, engagement and reactions during audio sales calls. Our AI analyzes voice and tone to recognize the most important moments in every conversation. Q for Sales proactively notifies you about important commitments and surfaces coaching opportunities.

Remove the guesswork and move deals forward.
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