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Capture all web conferences, deliver real-time insights, and understand what matters most.

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About Webex by Cisco + Q For Sales

Q for Sales integrates with Webex by Cisco, the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, to provide real-time insights into audience sentiment, engagement, and reactions during online meetings, screen share, and webinars, to improve the way your team sells. Our AI analyzes vision, voice, and tone to recognize the most important moments in every conversation, proactively notifying you of commitments and risks across all your deals, helping you close more business and boost sales performance.

Streamline Workflows and Eliminate Distraction

Sales teams use Q for Sales to automatically record, analyze, and improve their Webex meeting experience. Our AI auto-detects key moments and client commitments so reps can stop focusing on notetaking and start focusing on the conversation. Q for Sales helps sales leaders gain visibility into meetings and deals like never before, ramp new hires faster, and upskill their sales reps to better perform in our virtual-first environment.

Automatically Record Every Webex Meeting

Whether it’s an internal meeting, or an external sales call, you can set up the Q for Sales Bot to automatically capture and record every virtual meeting. Q for Sales scans your reps’ calendars for Webex meeting event links. It then “auto-joins” their scheduled Webex calls, recording the audio, video, and screen share when the Q for Sales bot is in the meeting.

Zero-in on The Moments that Matter

Sifting through hundreds of Webex recordings is useless if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our AI zeroes in on the moments that matter most to the customer based on behavioral cues and reactions to help your reps identify the most important topics discussed on every call. Every meeting is transcribed and analyzed to give you a searchable database of commitments, key moments, and important topics without the need to search through hours of calls. Read on to learn how the Q for Sales + Webex integration works.

Get 3x the insights with Q for Sales to help you move deals forward.

Connecting to Webex

Q For Sales uses Webex’s API to gather information on upcoming scheduled meetings for better host and participant recognition. To connect Q for Sales to your Webex account successfully, you need to be a Webex admin.

Note: The integration will disconnect if the person who sets up the integration ceases to be a Webex admin later.

Before You Begin

  1. Login to Q-Sales App with your login. (Your login details would have been sent to your email)

  2. Go to user settings and click on Authorize button next to Webex Icon.

  3. You will be redirected to Webex Oauth screen where you will provide us with the permission to get transcripts and recordings from webex directly on meeting completion using the Q For Sales integration app found in Marketplace.

  4. After successful authorization, you will be redirected back to Q-sales web app and you will see that the webex app is shown as authorized in the user settings.

Instructions For Q For Sales Embedded App

  1. Start your webex meeting.

  2. Go to Apps section and open Q for sales app. If you see this message “Please enable Personally identifiable information (PII) to access the full features of Q for Sales”, please reach out to your system administrator to add the Q For Sales Embedded app for your organization from marketplace and enable PII.

  3. You should see participants list from the meeting show up with their sentiment and engagement at near realtime.

If you are not the Webex admin in your org, ask the Webex admin to set the following setting in Webex:

  1. In Webex, make sure the Enable third-party apps and developers to integrate with Webex Meetings using XML APIs checkbox is selected. The checkbox can be found:

  2. If your org uses Webex by Cisco Site Administration, in Webex > Site Admin > Common Site Settings > Options.

  3. If your org uses Cisco Control Hub, in Webex > Site Admin > Common Site Settings > Third-party integration.

  4. Connect Webex and Q For Sales

  5. In Q For Sales, in your company settings page, click Web Conferencing.

  6. In the Webex row, click SETTINGS.

  7. Click CONNECT. 

Follow the instructions to sign in to your Webex admin account, and authorize access to Webex meeting data. Q For Sales asks for the “all_read” scope, which gives Q For Sales read-only privileges to access all Webex resources available to the authenticated user (learn more about Scopes for Webex integrations here).

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