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According to a recent global survey, two-thirds of contact center leaders do not have an AI blueprint, and over 90% require vendor assistance to define or refine their blueprint. At Uniphore, we’re empowering businesses to build a blueprint for AI transformation through our latest innovations that enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and ensure scalability and security compliance.

As a result of our latest release, you can now generate real-time, actionable insights using your own AI-ready data; better understand user behavior in relation to your IVAs; and simplify sales onboarding and coaching with AI-generated meeting clips and playlists focused on key topics.

The new Gen AI-powered conversation analytics

Underpinned by Uniphore’s powerful X-Platform, U-Analyze works seamlessly with U-Capture to analyze conversational data in real-time and generate insights that are unique to your enterprise. The insights, along with the automated and manual coaching capabilities, allow enterprises to continuously improve customer experiences and engagement.

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Get your data AI-ready

Capture and store every customer conversation in the cloud with U-Capture, an enterprise recorder that captures high-quality voice and screen data from every conversation across any platform. Fully open APIs provide the power to prepare and apply AI-ready data (High-quality voice and screen data, contextually rich metadata, highly accurate transcripts) across enterprise applications, enabling complete compliance and data governance.

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Uplevel your Zendesk operations

Resolve customer queries faster, improve agent performance and scale your service offering with real-time agent guidance for Zendesk Chat from Uniphore. By combining Zendesk’s powerful customer support platform with U-Assist’s real-time agent guidance and workflow automation, navigate customer conversations, resolve issues on the spot and automate tedious after-call work to take your support to the next level.

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Transform conversations into actionable insights

Customer Service agent helping customerU-Self Serve’s call recording allows businesses to ensure quality and compliance, as well as understand user behavior in relation to the intelligent virtual agent (IVA). With this enhancement, business analysts have access to voice conversations for in-depth analysis to improve customer engagement and IVA performance.

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Catch the moments that matter

Q-for-Sales in actionStreamline onboarding and facilitate effective coaching with AI-generated meeting clips and playlists based on the topics that matter most. Q for Sales analyzes every sales interaction and curates specialized playlists based on the keywords or topics you want to track such as objections, competitor mentions, product features and more.

Explore the Q for Sales + HubSpot integration.

Gain unparalleled visibility into what is happening in every deal with the Q for Sales and HubSpot integration. Equipped with real-time data and insights, your sales teams can approach prospects and clients with confidence, knowing they have actionable insights from every sales interaction at their disposal.

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Unleash the full potential of your voice and screen recordings

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Test drive Q for Sales Meeting Co-Pilot.

Try Q for Sales Meeting Co-Pilot for 30 days. Risk free.

Test Drive includes

Access to our real-time Meeting Co-Pilot
Post-Meeting Summaries
Meeting Insights
Seller EQ capabilities

Enabling you to capture, analyze and understand the moments that matter most while streamlining your pre- and post-meeting workflows.

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