Uniphore and Interaction Insight Team Up to Expand Cloud Offering Globally

Uniphore and Interaction Insight Team Up to Expand Cloud Offering Globally

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Palo Alto, Calif., March 25, 2024Uniphore, one of the world’s largest AI-native companies, is excited to announce a partnership with leading communications recording provider Interaction Insight Corporation. Through this collaboration, Interaction Insight will bring Uniphore’s best-in-class U-Suite of products to its contact center clients across the globe.

New Jersey-based Interaction Insight is a trusted partner to over 700 enterprises, with more than 60 years of combined domain expertise and 98% customer satisfaction rate. The company’s clients span financial services, healthcare, public safety and call center markets, with products to support their technology selection, migration, training, integration and compliance needs. 

“Uniphore’s U-Suite of products will help us meet rapidly growing global demand among call centers to provide a consistently effective customer experience,” said Richard Geremia, Managing Director at Interaction Insight. “Uniphore’s world-class AI products that leverage generative AI, conversational AI, knowledge AI and emotion AI will let us offer our clients tremendous insights, and the ability to drive customer satisfaction and streamline operations.”

A significant number of Interaction Insight’s customers have become Uniphore clients following the Red Box acquisition in February 2023. In addition, many of Interaction Insight’s customers are also poised to migrate to platforms that can provide more robust CX tools and rich insights powered by AI.

Uniphore’s enterprise contact center AI solutions are built to unlock a comprehensive and tailored understanding of enterprises’ unique needs and deliver real-time guidance and actionable insights to drive an effective customer experience.  

“We’re excited to join forces with Interaction Insights, a pioneer in communication recording,” said Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Partnerships at Uniphore. “Their team’s deep expertise complements Uniphore’s portfolio of products and will enable us to continue driving AI innovation and delivering transformative business outcomes for our customers worldwide.” 

Uniphore is proud to partner with best-in-class leaders like Interaction Insight. To learn more about Interaction Insight, visit https://www.interactionic.com/ or follow the company on LinkedIn.

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