Enterprise AI Is Here. And It’s Remarkably Human.

Enterprise AI Is Here. And It’s Remarkably Human.

Annie WeckesserBy Annie Weckesser
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AI’s mainstream moment has finally arrived—and it has the potential to be greater than the internet, mobile and the cloud combined. The catalyst, Generative AI, is becoming democratized at an unprecedented pace. Soon, every company will be an AI company. It is inevitable.

However, the transition to AI is a major disruption for businesses. Enterprises are suddenly being forced to solve how to integrate more AI into their workflows and processes—or be left behind. It’s clear: the enterprise needs to get AI-ready now.

But generative AI alone is not enough to unleash the full power and potential of AI in the workplace. True, AI is a powerful, relentless task executor. But to realize its full potential as a business-critical assistant—working alongside humans—AI will need to understand the complexity of human communication and emotion. To be truly effective, teams need mature AI built for the complexity and exacting needs of the enterprise. That’s been a challenge—until now.

AI Should Adapt to Humans, Not the Other Way Around. 

Technology has trained us to think like technology. A new device, new software? We are forced to learn how to use it. It’s time to flip that model to meet humans on their terms. It’s time to use AI and automation to create experiences that adapt to the customized needs and expectations of each unique user. 

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The Future of Enterprise AI is Human.

For 15 years, Uniphore has been building for this inflection point. Born from AI, we are now one of the largest B2B AI companies, proven and built-for-scale for enterprise customers. Today, we support 13 industry verticals, 1,500 customers and end clients and the largest global deployments. Since 2008, we’ve grown from a conversational AI leader in the contact center space into something so much more: the definitive AI authority, trusted by enterprise leaders and sought out by Fortune CEOs for our AI expertise.

You see, our customers and our CEO, Umesh Sachdev, have helped us realize the impact AI can have for the Enterprise. And modern enterprises are realizing how these tools can help them capitalize on their most important conversations—by transforming them into deeper, more meaningful and more human experiences.

We know the best experiences come when AI is infused into all areas of the enterprise that matter to the customer. Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Product, Technology, Procurement—we connect them all.

And we connect them with the glue that makes us uniquely human: emotion. Emotion AI is one of the important areas of AI development that Uniphore has pioneered. Without this, Generative AI and workflow automation are just relentless task machines with no judgement. Our investments in Emotion AI—allowing AI to learn our emotions and react—is our way of making AI more human for enterprises and their customers.

Meet the Uniphore X-Platform.

We’ve built the first multimodal AI and data platform built specifically for the exacting demands of the enterprise. The X-Platform unifies and structures all voice, video, text and data. It uses Generative AI, Knowledge AI, Emotion AI and workflow automation to analyze all types of data in real-time. Emotion, behavior, sentiment, intent, knowledge management, customer insights, sales enablement and agent performance—these are just some of the benefits our platform brings to our clients.

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Mutlimodal Data Streaming Platform

The first enterprise-scale, enterprise-grade and enterprise-class AI

Uniphore’s AI is enterprise-scale—proven and able to support large numbers. We are enterprise-grade through extensive certifications. And we are enterprise-class, purpose-built for enterprise-level integrations, including cloud. We have a massive data asset like no other—customized by industry and filled with historic and valuable insights. That is why the world’s largest global enterprises trust Uniphore to drive their business outcomes.

Not just Enterprise AI. Enterprise AI, infused with the power of emotion.

Our AI platform extends the boundaries of one-dimensional AI solutions to bridge the gap between machines and humans. It centers on one uniquely human trait: our ability to emote when we communicate. It’s those emotions that help us communicate our intent: the real-time understanding of tone, sentiment, physical gestures, behavior and emotions—beyond simple text, language and audio.

For enterprises, our AI unlocks tremendous value in business AI applications. Most importantly, it has the ability to help humans build deeper connections and, ultimately, trust. The more AI can accurately distinguish customer and employee emotional states, the better we can train machines to understand and act on emotions using AI—and ultimately become a trusted assistant.

Bringing it all together—everywhere it impacts the enterprise.

Enterprise AI, driven by rich emotional data, is the future of work—where understanding, learning and working are all delivered together in real-time, indistinguishable from one another. We believe the best CX, EX and business processes only come when AI can effectively, efficiently and seamlessly transform every part of the enterprise that benefits the customer. It’s a world where deeper understanding of human interaction and engagement drives the delivery of predictive and intuitive workflows and experiences. Afterall, the best support interaction is the one you never needed to have.

Uniphore Enterprise AI: For the Most Human Processes and Experiences.

The future Uniphore imagines is one where AI creates experiences and processes that are more human, not less. It’s a tomorrow where humanity advances the more technology becomes ubiquitous and out-of-sight. And we achieve it when AI is woven deeply into, and pervasive throughout, the fabric of people’s lives through the brands that they interact with every day.

Enterprise AI doesn’t stand out front, leading the future. It shifts to the back. It’s immersive. Enabling. The spark for ROI and business transformation.

As enterprises grow, humans, not technology, need to be prioritized—and they need a robust AI co-pilot to drive the best outcome. When that happens, the things that have always been the most important are brought forward: People. Relationships. Conversations.

The Future of Enterprise AI is Already Here.

For enterprises everywhere, the future will run on the connective AI tissue between people, machines and data. And the most effective businesses will be those that leverage AI to create the most human processes and experiences for customers and employees.

What the world needs now is less fear—and more trust, empathy and understanding. We believe AI can make that vision a reality. Why? Because the transformation has already happened. The moment has arrived. And the time for more human enterprise experiences is now.

At Uniphore, we know that AI is bigger—bigger than the chatbot, bigger than the intelligent assistant, bigger than the contact center itself. It has the potential to transform every experience we have with one another. And creating the planet’s most engaging customer and employee experiences is our mission.

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