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Announcing the Latest Features Released on the Uniphore X-Platform

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Uniphore’s newest capabilities for the U and Q solutions on the Uniphore X-platform, the industry’s defining conversational AI and automation platform.

Across industries, customer-centric businesses are looking to do more with less—reduce costs and drive operational efficiency, while prioritizing the customer and employee experience. At Uniphore, we’re helping businesses rise to this challenge with AI-powered tools and automation to empower customer-facing teams to work more efficiently, optimize the customer lifecycle, and provide insights into your market and workforce performance.

The logos for X-Platform and Uniphore are displayed on the sales platform.

Here's a look into the X-Platform and exciting new features released by Uniphore this quarter

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The conversational AI platform with the latest features.

From sales calls to customer service interactions, the Uniphore X-Platform is revolutionizing the way we communicate. X harnesses the power of AI technologies and automation into one comprehensive platform to optimize your company’s most valuable asset: conversations.

The U-portfolio of solutions for the contact center and Q’s next-gen conversational intelligence for sales teams are all powered by the X-Platform to delight customers at every touchpoint in their journey and make every conversation count.

Pre-Built Solution Packs for Retail Banking

From acquisition and onboarding to complaints and compliance, Uniphore now offers solution packs with pre-built AI models to automate, analyze, and assist with top use cases in retail banking. With Uniphore’s solution packs, businesses can get started quickly to scale across conversations and channels—and realize rapid ROI and quicker time-to-value.

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Knowledge Bot: Accurate Information in Real Time

With Uniphore’s knowledge AI technology, searching through pages of information across disparate systems of data will become a thing of the past. Knowledge AI intelligently extracts information from documents, web pages, knowledge bases, and more to unify that wealth of information into a single source of truth.

By ingesting and classifying data in real time, training intents takes minutes – not weeks to complete. Businesses can quickly deploy their knowledge bot—as well as update information dynamically—to provide customers with accurate search results that’s always up to date.

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Utilizing the latest features in Uniphore's X-platform, customer agent coaching offers a reversal of change.

Knowledge AI Integration: Make Your Best Agents Even Better

U-Assist will also incorporate knowledge AI as part of its solution to help agents quickly search across data systems for information that’s relevant and contextual to a customer’s inquiry. Our semantic search goes beyond keyword matching to understand intent and produce the right information, empowering agents to answer questions without the guesswork and resolve issues more effectively.

Entity Auto-Fill: Shorten Call Times and Minimize Manual Entry Errors

U-Assist In-Call will now show ‘clickable suggestions’ underneath specific questions in a conversation flow as a way for agents to quickly fill in information. Entities such as addresses, account information, and more are automatically extracted using Uniphore’s AI-powered conversational analysis, allowing agents to complete fields with a single click. Entity auto-fill helps shorten call time and significantly reduces errors associated with manual entry.

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Latest Features: Uasist aftercall ghost call has been successfully detected thanks to the advanced technology implemented by Uniphore.

Ghost Call Tagging: Improve Post-Call Handling with Automation

For contact centers, ghost calls or phantom calls—incoming calls in which an agent experiences total silence or “dead air”—occurs all too often. With the latest release of U-Assist Aftercall, ghost calls are automatically detected and tagged, saving agents from spending time on after-call work activities and enabling contact center leaders to conduct operational analyses and troubleshoot underlying causes.

Integration with Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud

Uniphore’s U-Assist solution now integrates with Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud contact center services. Businesses can securely integrate with Amazon Connect or Genesys Cloud using U-Assist solution APIs.

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Operational Reports to Measure System Effectiveness

Robust reporting capabilities have been added to track agent utilization and monitor the operational effectiveness of U-Assist. These reports provide a more granular view into call summarization, including:

  • Call information such as number of calls, intents and entities detected
  • Details of agent edits to call summaries
  • Comparison view of machine-generated summaries vs. agent-generated summaries

These are just a few of the many new reporting metrics that are now included as part of U-Assist. With these additional tracking and reporting capabilities, contact center leaders can effectively gauge the system’s impact on the agent experience.

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The latest logo for Uniphore features X-platform compatibility.

Sequential Business Rules

U-Analyze now supports sequential business rules—allowing business analysts to examine specific sequences of words or phrases in a conversation, and identify questions and responses between the agent and customer. This capability provides greater insights into conversations, empowering the business analyst to understand call drivers and make data-driven decisions.

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Hipaa complaint logos in Chinese and English featuring the latest features.

Additional Language Support and Regulatory Compliance

Uniphore continues to prioritize serving growing markets around the world, with additional language support for the following U-products:

  • U-Self Serve: French, Arabic, Japanese, Tamil, Mayalayam
  • U-Assist Aftercall: English-India, English-Filipino, English-UK, English-ANZ, Hindi, German, Arabic, French, and Japanese
  • U-Analyze: German, French (FR), Arabic, Japanese

Lastly, Uniphore now complies with HIPAA regulations for both U-Analyze and U-Assist, further enhancing our ability to support customers in the healthcare industry. HIPAA compliance ensures secure handling and tracking of data including personal health information (PHI), minimizing the risk of unintended disclosure.

Q for sales logo.
A graphic illustrating the latest features, including logos of Zoom and Webex on a virtual meeting interface with additional screen elements suggesting a video call and data analysis.

Lightspeed Video Analysis:

In addition to real-time meeting analysis, Q for Sales post-call analytics are now available after Zoom and Webex video meetings in less than 5 minutes. Empowering your team to maintain deal momentum and stay focused on each opportunity with nearly real-time insights. AI-surfaced Key Moments and Action Items as well as sales performance and emotional insights can be shared and actioned on by every member of the team.

Promise Management & Action Items: 

Building on Q’s ability to auto-identify the Key Moments in every meeting, Q for Sales now surfaces the promises and commitments made by both reps and prospects during a Zoom or Webex meeting. By analyzing the visual, verbal, and tonal cues within the context of the conversation, Q captures items that are often missed when trying to present, take notes, and stay relevant. By surfacing these action items automatically and eliminating the need to take notes, reps spend more time focused on the conversation while eliminating distractions

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The innovation series meets the iPhone experts to discuss the latest features and X-Platform capabilities.