"Uniphore’s intelligent self-service solution combines AI and NLU technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates."

Skand Bhargava, Practice Director

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About the Client

This global technology company which offers both software and hardware for organizations and end users sought to enable a new and innovative self-servicing option for product activation to simplify the user experience and more effectively manage the load of activation requests. The results of enabling the self-servicing option are impressive.

Our Approach

Customers and businesses that purchase new software have numerous ways of activating their product or service. Many customers prefer to call and activate products.

Mobile callers are offered the option to use their smartphone for a faster experience. Those who opt in receive a text message with a link to a micro interaction that steps them through the activation process and enables them to provide the required information without having to speak to a call center agent.

Certainly, callers always have the option of seeking live assistance and the ability to do so without having to repeat themselves.

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  • Self-service increased by 11%: Overall use of self-service channels increased, reducing the volume of work that requires live contact center agent assistance.
  • Customer Effort reduced by 50%: Customers get in and out of the self-service experience in less than 50% of the time it would have otherwise taken them, driving frequent users of the service to repeatedly use the multimodal self-serve experience
  • Customer satisfaction score of 99%: Customers who are used to painstakingly entering alphanumeric information on the phone channel love the new experience.

What's Next

Encouraged by the feedback from customers and the growth in digital adoption, the client team is continuing to eliminate other points of friction in the customer journey by leveraging computer vision to capture the product activation code.

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