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"Uniphore's intelligent self-service solution combines AI, NLU, and RPA technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates."
Skand Bhargava
Practice Director

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Why Your Customers Need Real-time Assistance?

According the NTT’s 2020 Global CX Benchmark,
the #1 factor negatively affecting use of digital channels is attributed to poor user experiences.

How to Get Started with Customer Assist?

Deliver the real-time assistance your customers need. Get up and running in weeks.
Customer Assist
Digital First Edition
Digital customer service and intelligent virtual agents at your digital touchpoints
Customer Assist
Voice First Edition
Multimodal Visual IVR guides callers to digital assets
Customer Assist
Multiexperience Edition
All the multimodal and omnichannel awesomeness your customers need

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What is Customer Assist?

Customer Assist is software used to drastically boost self-service success rates as well as customer effort scores by deploying unconventional yet proven methods to guide the customer to the best performing self-service assets and assist them across multiple modalities at the same time.
That means more sales and self-service at a reduced customer effort, all without months of collaboration and large omnichannel programs to connect your voice and digital experiences together.
Jacada Customer Assist is the only real-time customer assistance solution designed to guide your customers on multiple modalities at the same time using best of breed conversational AI, while harmonizing your existing voice and digital assets to boost self-service containment and NPS scores.

What are the Benefits of Customer Assist?

Learn how Customer Assist can boost NPS by 5 to 50 points and self-service to 95%

The Uniphore Difference

Lead With Digital Customer Service

Are your contact center agents helping your customers with simple requests that can be fulfilled in self-service?
Guide customers to effortless self-service by directing them to your best digital assets and offer new guided workflows for the task at hand. Add virtual agents or simply incorporate natural language understanding to answer questions and boost self-service utilization.

Do it all, using a no-code designer that brings together best of breed conversational AI, sophisticated integration to backend systems and your customers’ preferred channels of engagement.

Guide With Intelligent Virtual Agents

65% of customer interactions that start on digital channels end up being resolved in an agent-led channel. Boost digital adoption by leveraging an intelligent virtual agent that tracks which digital assets your customers have used and promote those that maximize self-service success. Identify points of self-service failure and unearth opportunities for automation, even as you help customers in real-time with guided self-service, so that they don’t have to repeat themselves ever again.

Multimodal CX – Tap, Text & Talk

Talking, Texting, or Tapping. Every modality has its limitations. Every customer has their preferences which change from time to time. Unleash the power of multimodal AI that adapts to your customers’ engagement style. They simply tap, text, and talk and the assistant responds. Now, that’s an effortless mulitmodal customer experience.

Recommend Next Best Channels

You know your customers are expecting to easily switch channels and benefit from a connected customer journey.

At that critical moment, when they are about to give up on self-service, personalize next best channel options for your customers based on the discovered customer intent and the availability of skilled agents who can help. Make it easy for your business operations team to recommend the next best channels in a point-and-click no-code designer.

Deflect Low-Value Calls With Visual IVR

43.7% of organizations say that their digital channels aren’t used effectively by customers, because customers aren’t aware that relevant solutions are available via digital self-service. So, it is not sinister to guide your callers to your best digital assets using a visual IVR. In fact, our experience shows that you can not only boost self-service rates, you can also boots NPS scores by 5 to 50 points when you guide callers to effortless digital self-service.

Powered by Robotic Process Automation

If your IT team isn’t available to help build an API to automate a simple task, not to worry. Use our Robotic Process Automation to extend the reach of your self-service and bypass your call center agents altogether.

Powered by the Best Conversational AI

Understand your customers in over 100 languages as they text or talk. Assist your customers in real-time with intelligent virtual agents built in our no-code designer and industry-leading conversational AI — intent recognition, entity capture, sentiment analysis, speech synthesis, cognitive search and more. Blended to suit your unique needs and budgets.

Improve CX with Adoption Analytics

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to self-service adoption, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some customers abandon self-service while the rest are successful using advanced real-time reporting and analytics. Run experiments rapidly using our low-code platform and continuously improve your self-service KPIs.

Check out Uniphore Interact

Customer Assist runs on Uniphore Interact, the only low code automation platform purpose-built for contact centers.

Trusted by contact centers in Fortune 500 enterprises,  Uniphore packs the power of the best conversational AI, contact center RPA and next best action guidance in a single low-code contact center automation platform.

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