Max Boosts Adoption of Digital Customer Service Using Visual IVR

How to improve self-service adoption when you are already enjoying great mobile app adoption?

Engage callers with Visual IVR to convert phone calls into digital customer service interactions.

"Uniphore’s intelligent self-service solution combines AI and NLU technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates."

Skand Bhargava, Practice Director

The Everest group logo on a green background provides Agent Guidance.
This is the Hebrew logo for Max.

About the Client

max (formerly Leumi Card) is one of Israel’s leading financial institutions, providing a portfolio of financial services, specializing in a wide range of card issuing, acquiring and processing services, as well as other payment and credit solutions. Max’s mobile app offers extensive self-service options and enjoys a high level of customer adoption as well. However, they manage a significant interaction volume in their contact centers as well, specifically over the phone channel. To accelerate digital adoption, max explored options to digitally engage their callers.

Our Approach

Callers are presented with an option to explore a visual menu on their smartphone. Besides provide a web version of the existing IVR, the visual menu quickly directs customers to relevant digital assets on the website, and connects customers to contact center agents when needed.

Callers can also engage digitally while they speak to contact center agents by leveraging multimodal and omnichannel engagement over video and voice channels simultaneously.


  • Inbound call volume flowing into the contact center has been reduced by 24%
  • Success for customers in the self-service channels has gone from 49% to 60%
  • Customers Satisfaction (CSAT) remains consistently high with over 4 out of 5 stars

What's Next

As a market leader in digital, online, social and mobile payments, max is continuing to deliver frictionless customer experiences. Besides Visual IVR, the client is now leveraging Jacada Interact to simplify compliance to know your customer (KYC) requirements. Customers who receive their first credit card can now share proof of identity in a contactless manner, without having to visit the bank or receive a courier from the bank to validate their proof of identity.