Proactive Customer Service Defines
Moments of Truth in this UPS Experience

How to Engage the Always-On Customer Without a Mobile App?

Provide Proactive Customer Service Over SMS and the Mobile Web

"These are amazing numbers!  This is a real game changer!"

Head of Customer Service, UPS Authorized Service Provider

The UPS logo on a green background signifies proactive customer service.
The UPS logo is boldly displayed on a vibrant green background.

About the Client

Our client is the Authorized Service Provider for UPS in Israel.

UPS’ Authorized Service Providers offer UPS products and services, bringing UPS closer to you. These staffed locations provide you professional service and convenient hours for your shipping needs. Packaging supplies and services are offered at most locations.

Commitment to providing the best possible service for their customers is a driving force for both UPS and its authorized service providers. As part of a broad digital transformation program, our client resolved to engage customers digitally with effortless self-service options. That meant proactive customer service that did not  require an app download.

Our Approach

Customers who are expecting a package receive a text notification with a link to personalized customer service options.

Customers can track package delivery, coordinate alternate arrangements such as pick-up at store, route to different location and also make payments or upload documents if required. With an easy option to connect with the contact center and speak to a human as well, this truly is an example of proactive customer service done well.


  • Customers’ preference to self-serve grew by 30%
  • 63% reduction in calls made to the contact center
  • Misdirected deliveries were avoided due to the proactive customer service and ability to adjust in real-time

What's Next

To support social distancing guidelines, additional customer service options were quickly added to the digital customer service solution using Uniphore’s no-code multiexperience designer.

Our client has made the customer experience even more proactive over time and has included a quick video within the guided servicing experience to educate the customer about the package delivery and their customer service options as well. That’s how you boost digital adoption — by making it so simple that it’s a no-brainer.