Make Every Agent Your Best Agent With Real-time Agent Assist.

"The most successful employees in the digital era will be the fastest learners…
Effective agile learning blends microlearning courseware, coaching and on-the-job experience;
the latter accounting for as much as 70% of the learning".

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What is Agent Assist?

Agent Assist is software that boosts the performance of contact center agents by assisting agents in real-time, during live customer interactions.
That means more sales, fewer errors, and faster resolution of customer requests, all without the weeks and months of training and onboarding.

Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

Here comes a lifeline by the name of “Agent Assist”, to help agents in real-time using AI and RPA, so that every contact center agent may sell to, serve and save customers just like the best agent in your contact center.

How to Get Started With Agent Assist?

Deliver the real-time assistance your agents need. Get up and running in weeks.
Agent Assist
Call Center Scripting Edition
Guide agents especially on the most dynamic conversations with customers
Agent Assist
Call Center RPA Edition
Guide agents and automate mundane tasks to help agents focus on the customer experience
Agent Assist
Call Center AI Edition
Guide agents and automate tasks based on real-time alerts from conversational AI and RPA

Agents Still Plan to Quit in 12 Months

Why Agent Assist Matters Now?

While there are many agent “productivity” tools, there is not a single tool designed to help agents on-the-job, in real-time, when they handle complex customer requests.

Learn why agent assist is a game-changer for modern contact centers drowning in complexity.

What Are the Benefits of Agent Assist?

Check out how AT&T and are using Agent Assist.
Cut 75% of agent onboarding time and eliminate 90% of errors to deliver WOW moments that boost NPS and agent satisfaction.

Gartner Research:
Real-time Agent Assistance Strategies Informed by
Speech Analytics

The Uniphore Difference

A visual drag and drop interface enables business analysts, senior agents and product owners to quickly create, modify, test and deploy call flows or establish layouts, change roles, rules and privileges -- without the need for IT support.

Start Every Conversation with Context

Customers get most frustrated when their journey data isn’t used effectively to personalize the customer experience, as they switch channels. Besides being able to pop the agent desktop with data collected through self-service experiences, real-time guidance tees up the guided workflow along with relevant conversation starters or call scripts to help the agent execute on next best actions.

Discover What Customers Really Need

67.4% of phone interactions between customers and agents involves some form of diagnosis to help the agent discover what the customer really needs. Agents engage in dialog with customers to uncover the root cause of a problem in the case of a customer service interaction, or the customer’s purchase needs and preferences in the case of a sales interaction.

Real-time guidance steps in to provide not only the prescribed flow for the entire conversation with detailed call scripts, but also offers the ability to jump into sidebar discussions that help the agent understand the true needs of the customer, maximizing the chances for effective and efficient interactions customers love.

Conversational AI to Understand Intent

Listen to the conversation between the caller and the agent. Use advanced conversational AI to understand the key topics a customer talks about.

Automate tasks for the agent and guide them with next best actions.

Guided Workflows Steer Conversations

Subject matter experts, agents, trainers, product managers, and supervisors can create guided workflows with clicks — not code — and publish them in real-time to your agents. 

With full support for integrating with your applications, our rules engine, and built-in language translation, can dynamically change to perfect every customer interaction.

Automate Tasks Using RPA

Why stop with guiding your agent and pointing them to a knowledge article, when you can go a few steps further and automate the task at hand?

Use RPA powered Agent Assistants to get the job done, once and for all.

Prevent Errors with Just-in-Time Guides

It’s only human to make mistakes when dealing with so many disparate apps and processes. Track agents’ actions in real-time using RPA powered desktop automation bots.

Jump in to offer guidance. Prevent errors and boost the adoption of best practices.

Automate Knowledge Search with AI

You may have spent years writing documents, job aids and maintaining your knowledge base. But your agents only have seconds, if any, to find the right job aid or piece of information that might help them on a customer interaction. Spare them the time and effort, and boost FCR by helping your agents just in time.
Design your Agent Assist to proactively bring up the right knowledge and answers to your agents at the right time. If you miss it during design time, equip your Agent Assist with an intelligent virtual agent that can answer questions and serve as a concierge for your agents, your brand ambassadors, as they strive to deliver WOW moments for your customers.   

Digitally Engage Your Customers in Real-time

According to Gartner, 17.8% of phone interactions handled in contact centers can be simplified and resolved more efficiently when the agent is able to digitally engage the caller while they are speaking to them on the phone.

Uniphore guides agents, so that they can direct customers to specific digital assets on the web, gather additional physical context about the customer’s needs through pictures or location coordinates shared through a smartphone, or something as simple as a digital signature to process interactions with the utmost trust and security.

Summarize the Call Using RPA

Track the agent’s actions in real-time and generate standardized interaction summaries, saving agents after call work and driving consistent dispositioning. Besides saving AHT, you can now derive richer insights on why customers contact you and how you can improve your customer engagement and contact center operations strategies.

Warm Transfers Done Right

Call transfers are inevitable in some cases, but you can ensure that your customers don’t have to wait for agents to share the customer’s request and context completely and accurately. Transfer all the context from the customer’s self-service experience as well as their experience talking to your agents — in real-time using our context store. The result – a magical experience in which your experts come across as the empathetic and knowledgeable problem solvers your customers expect today.

Launch Agent Assist within Your CRM

The real-time assistance your agents need comes in the form of an automation performed by an RPA bot, or a pop-up that nudges them down a certain path, or as a guided workflow that helps them execute on the task at hand. In any case, you can make the agent assist part of your existing agent desktop. Simply embed the agent assist web app within your CRM or primary customer engagement center application.

Launch Agent Assist as a Toolbar

If your agents swivel across few different applications and the real-time assistance you need to offer also cuts across multiple applications, then the agent assist toolbar would be the way to go. The toolbar adapts to available real-estate on the agent desktop, can be minimized to a ribbon and maximized when needed. With pop-up alerts that deliver timely and actionable guidance, you can rest assure that your agents are complying with best practices, avoiding mistakes, and executing on every available opportunity to boost sales and loyalty.

Unified Agent Desktop + Agent Assist

As the pioneering provider of unified agent desktops, Uniphore can not only deliver a simplified agent experience with a unified desktop, but also deliver an AI powered sidekick for the agent desktop.

Boost Agent Productivity Like a Maniac

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to employee engagement, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some employees abandon guidance tools while the rest are successful. Run experiments. Examine heat maps. Generate reports from detailed audit data. Improve your agent productivity KPIs continuously.

Check out Uniphore Interact

Agent Assist runs on Uniphore Interact, the only low code automation platform purpose-built for contact centers.

Trusted by contact centers in Fortune 500 enterprises, Uniphore packs the power of the best conversational AI, contact center RPA and next best action guidance in a single low-code contact center automation platform.

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