Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

Conversational Analytics can uncover Real Insights

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Conversational AI is expected to transform the customer service engagement journey. Whether it is in operations or deep analytics, Conversational AI is poised to be both an enabler and disruptor of how customer service is delivered. Conversational Assistant is becoming more human-like in engaging in intelligent dialogue with customers. Conversational Analytics is enabling organizations to know their customer better.

With advances in conversational analytics enabling companies to understand their customer sentiments, emotions and behavior, industries with complex customer service journeys such as banking, insurance, health care, e-commerce, and hospitality are adopting conversational analytics to reduce customer churn, improve regulatory compliance, augment sales and marketing efforts and improve agent performance. We expect this trend to continue and expand to other use cases and functions. (1)

Uniphore’s AI-driven Conversational Analytics product U-Analyze uses AI and NLP engines to analyze massive amount of conversation data and in real-time to reveal real insights about your customer. Every customer interaction can be mapped and measured by the customer service agent. The product can delve deep to identify contextual and functional aspects of a conversation such as sentiments and emotions, and create a comprehensive profile of customer behavior.

On the operational side, the product can help evaluate contact center agent performance, coach agents to up-sell and cross-sell and automate agent tasks. Decision makers can identify gaps in service quality, business workflows, staff training and compliance. Agent Performance Scores are calibrated based on key metrics like call volumes, first call resolution, and customer sentiment analysis. Customer Satisfaction Scores deliver visibility on churn, satisfaction, and repeat propensity. Performance dashboard enable agents to manage customer interaction seamlessly with a view of all key metrics, weighted performance and trends. These help you understand the efficacy and efficiency of your customer servicing process effortlessly.

U-Analyze brings together the power of Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Deep Tech to uncover real insights about customers based on said and unsaid needs, helping organizations deliver a superior customer service experience. It is a powerful arsenal for customer facing teams to offer innovative products and solutions and create tailored responses. After all, every organization wants to keep improving its Customer Service.

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