Uniphore Unveils Industry-Leading Platform to Revolutionize Customer Experiences & Virtual Sales

Uniphore Unveils Industry-Leading Platform to Revolutionize Customer Experiences & Virtual Sales

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Stellar CX, better sales engagements are now possible with Uniphore X-Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct 20, 2022 , 1 AM PSTUniphore, the leader in conversational AI and automation, today announced the release of its enhanced Uniphore X-platform, the industry’s most comprehensive platform that enables brands to accelerate and improve two key areas of their business: Customer Experience and Sales. With the latest enhancements to the platform, the conversations that happen between live or virtual agents as well as those happening between sales and prospects are now more effective and with minimal friction.

Complete with conversational AI, emotion AI, knowledge AI, computer vision and robotic process automation (RPA), the power of the X-platform lies in its robust architecture and the strong value proposition it offers customers. From designing frictionless customer journeys to enabling virtual sales scenarios, customers can expect the X-platform to help them significantly improve their customers’ experiences and for sales teams, better engage with existing customers and new prospects.

New capabilities embedded into the Uniphore X-Platform support both the Uniphore U product line and the Uniphore Q for Sales product line.

Drive Better Conversations across Key Business Functions

The Uniphore U product portfolio leverages all the elements to deliver state-of-the-art CX, including conversational AI, emotion AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and now knowledge AI, following the acquisition of Colabo earlier this year. Uniphore’s Q for Sales product line, announced in March this year, helps sales teams better read the room on video meetings to measure customers’ engagement & sentiment and detect the non-verbal “cues” that directly impact sales performance. Building on Q’s ability to automatically identify ‘key moments,’ Q for Sales also surfaces the promises and commitments that are made by both reps and prospects during a video meeting. Q for Sales is currently available for qualified revenue teams to trial at zero cost.

“With our customers top of mind, our focus from the beginning has been to build a powerful platform that delivers the latest and most beneficial innovations in conversational, video and knowledge AI, and automation all in one place,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Uniphore. “Today’s release, announcing our enhanced X-platform, the full integration of knowledge AI in our platform, as well as advancements in both our U and Q for Sales family of products, marks a new era of digital transformation for customer service and revenue teams.”

The latest innovations for the Uniphore U product portfolio include: 

  • Intelligent Knowledge Bot – Uniphore U-Self Serve is an industry-leading conversational AI solution which has advanced knowledge AI capabilities. Customers now have access to the Knowledge Bot that will provide updated information to customers in real time. Additionally, the Knowledge Bot can turn static FAQs into an interactive experience. This helps ensure the most relevant content and next best action are delivered to intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and live agents, for significantly better and more efficient customer interactions.
  • Knowledge AI for Agents – Uniphore U-Assist, the most advanced and comprehensive solution for in-call agent guidance, and after-call summarization, now further leverages Knowledge AI to deliver the most relevant and accurate content to agents in the quickest manner possible. 

Uniphore’s latest innovations for Q for Sales include:   

  • Action Items: Building on Q’s capability to automatically identify Key Moments across every meeting and every deal, Q for Sales now surfaces the promises and commitments that are made by both reps and prospects during a video meeting. By surfacing these action items automatically and eliminating the need to take notes, reps spend more time focused on the conversation and less on the busywork.
  • Trial Offer – To give revenue teams an opportunity to experience Q for Sales in their unique sales environment, Uniphore now offers a trial of Q for Sales. Available to all interested and eligible revenue teams. For details, visit https://www.uniphore.com/q/betaoffer/ 

Industry-specific Solution Packs

In addition to the release of Uniphore’s enhanced X-Platform and building on the platform’s breadth, speed and simplicity, Uniphore is now offering customers solution packs with pre-defined templates that empower enterprises to realize quick value and quicken the return-on-investment. These solution packs encompass a variety of use cases and span across multiple industries. 

For more information on Uniphore’s X-platform, the latest innovations for CX and revenue ops teams, and info on our industry-specific solution packs, visit: https://www.uniphore.com/blog/whats-new-at-uniphore/

About Uniphore
Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Automation. Every day, billions of conversations take place across industries — customer service, sales, HR, education and more. Whether they are human to human, human to machine or machine to machine, conversations are at the heart of everything we do, and the new currency of the enterprise.

At Uniphore, we believe companies that best understand and take action on those conversations will win. We have built the most comprehensive and powerful platform that combines conversational AI, computer vision, emotion and tonal analysis, workflow automation, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with a business-user-friendly UX in a single integrated platform to transform and democratize customer experiences across industries.

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