Announcing Our Latest AI Innovations

The team at Uniphore is excited to introduce the use of Generative AI with guardrails for applications across our suite of products. This revolutionary approach extends the use of Generative AI across all modes of communication, including voice, visual and text to humanize customer and employee experiences.

Our state-of-the-art Generative AI models feature built-in guardrails that give enterprises complete control of data privacy and security, allowing them to safely deploy robust AI solutions that increase revenues, drive efficiencies and improve ROI.

Read on to see how we’re augmenting the X Platform, U-Portfolio and Q for Sales with Generative AI!

X Platform

Improved Accuracy with End-to-End Neural ASR 

With integrations of Large Language Models (LLMs) on the X Platform, we have improved voice transcription and key Natural Language Processing (NLP) use cases to provide better multimodal customer experiences across voice, video and digital channels. Our deep learning, end-to-end automatic speech recognition (ASR) leverages advancements in the Transformer architecture to more accurately transcribe conversations in the most challenging of calls. These AI models also power improvements to Intelligent Document Cognition and Summarization.

U-Self Serve

Accelerate Training with Generative AI

Training your virtual agent to understand the various ways your customers ask questions or make requests is a time-consuming effort—but not anymore! By harnessing the power of Uniphore’s Generative AI, business analysts can automatically generate and adapt training phrases with a click of a button, saving valuable time as well as improving the accuracy and performance of the virtual agent. 

Humanize Self-Service Using Emotion AI 

Go beyond containment to deliver a self-service experience that delights your customers. Uniphore’s Emotion AI understands the tone and sentiment at every turn in the conversation to provide personalized, empathetic responses. Combined with our Generative AI, U-Self Serve’s virtual agents deliver human-like CX to drive engagement and boost digital adoption.

Unlock Vital Information with Intelligent Document Cognition

With Intelligent Document Cognition for U-Self Serve, we’re saving countless hours of data entry by eliminating the need to manually train intents. This new capability automatically analyzes structured and unstructured documents to identify and extract relevant information in real time. End users will have instant access to the right information simply by asking the virtual agent.


Summarize Conversations with Generative AI

While automating conversation summaries has been a long-standing feature in U-Assist, we’re now infusing generative AI into the after-call work (ACW) process for greater context and accuracy. Every interaction is analyzed in real time to highlight critical information, identify actions taken and automatically generate summaries that empower agents to focus on higher-value work.

Drive Agent Performance through the Supervisor Application

Help agents do their best with real-time monitoring and data-driven insights. U-Assist’s supervisor application provides full visibility into agent performance through interactive dashboards that track key conversation metrics and deliver real-time alerts based on sentiment and compliance triggers. The newly improved module also provides two-way communication, enabling agents to request assistance and receive personalized feedback.

Manage Agent Promises in a Single View

Managing the commitments that agents make to customers is now even easier with more options to view, track and ensure that promises are kept. Supervisors can monitor the status of promises in real time, search and filter promises by status or category and take corrective actions for promises that are falling behind. Subsequent actions can also be automated and tracked to close the loop on each promise and bolster customer satisfaction.


Capture and Store Every Customer Conversation in the Cloud

U-Capture provides the freedom to securely access and use customer voice data in any application. Our fully compliant enterprise voice recorder is moving to the cloud to help customers reduce ownership costs and benefit from automatic upgrades. U-Capture in the cloud will be available December 2023.

Q for Sales

Revolutionize Meetings.
Accelerate Revenue.

With our latest release, your Q for Sales AI co-pilot and next-gen sales insights are available everywhere your team meets and works to boost productivity and give your team a competitive edge. Unlock buyer insights with live content analysis and validate your sales methodology with real-time deal analysis based on your buyer’s reactions during sales conversations.

Announcing the Latest Innovations at Uniphore

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