Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Focus on Southeast Asia

Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Focus on Southeast Asia

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In the second year of a global tracking study, Opus Research presents findings from a survey of 500 business decision-makers to understand their perspectives in evaluating and deploying Speech Analytics platforms and services. This study, commissioned by Uniphore, documents critical data points in the perceived value of Speech Analytics and its impact on contact center operations, compliance and regulation, workforce optimization, customer experience and delivering a return on investment.

Overall, 90% of the respondents had deployed Speech Analytics in their Customer Care fabric. Over 36% said that they have an experience of more than a year with the technology.

The survey consisted of a considerable number of respondents from Southeast Asian countries – Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. Listed below are points pertaining to interesting discoveries made in the region.

Key Insights – Southeast Asia

  • In the region, 139 respondents cited “Build better customer profiles” as the primary trigger for Deploying Speech Analytics – 54%
  • Over 19% of the respondents received the expected ROI within 6 months of Speech Analytics deployment and 37% within 12 months
  • A little over 51% expect to spend significantly more on Speech Analytics in the next 3 years
  • A majority 40% voted for improved Customer Experience as a business impact of Speech Analytics.

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