Insights on the Value of Conversational Automation

Insights on the Value of Conversational Automation

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The partnership between Uniphore and Tech Mahindra combines Uniphore’s AI and automation-driven technology with Tech Mahindra’s service expertise. Uniphore and Tech Mahindra jointly create exceptional customer experiences and improve service outcomes by supporting customer service automation.

Subject matter experts Jafar Syed of Uniphore and Saurabh Rai of Tech Mahindra have teamed up to present a podcast that explores how conversational automation generates return on investment (ROI) by promoting innovation, boosting agent productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra Partnership

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Uniphore and Tech Mahindra have joined together to transform customer services and to ensure that every customer has a voice. The Conversational Automation platform uses AI to hear what service agents might miss, including emotion and intent. Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services ensure that organizations are positioned to adopt the latest innovations in customer experience.  

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra work together to drive measurable and sustainable improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty. The partners offer solutions that automate journeys such as bill paying, service inquiries, and upgrades, while improving the customer experience. These solutions also automate after-call work for high-value journeys, such as opening new accounts, to shorten average handle time and call wait times.

Jafar H. Syed and Saurabh Rai on the Value of Conversational Automation

During the podcast, Jafar H. Syed, SVP, Global Head of Channel, Alliances & Partnerships at Uniphore, and Saurabh Rai, Global Head Analytics & Strategic Initiatives at Tech Mahindra Business Process Services, explore the quantifiable and experiential benefits of conversational automation. As Saurabh explains, “We are seeing the actual value is delivering very fast control checks…using smart search, identifying hot points, automating compliance, etc. Another big thing that came out was improving the overall customer experience by understanding sentiment and providing a holistic view of call quality….Instead of doing random audits, we are able to do audits on 100% of the calls now.”

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Conversational automation doesn’t require complex coding, empowering agents and supervisors to create automation workflows when needed. Jafar states, “The platform is trying to create anything and everything that is needed for automation in the conversation space. The idea is to train people to, by the click of the button, bring automation to organization.”

Automation can flatten the learning curve for a complex task, such as credit card processing, which might take 60 to 90 days to train for. You can give the agent the same knowledge as the ones who have been taking the calls for 1 or 2 years and make the agent’s life as simple as possible.

The unified platform reduces the time a call takes by using tone of voice and sentiment to verify the customer. Jafar notes that “There’s a lot of minutes invested in trying to figure out where the answers might be, or what the question might be. Those awkward silences. If you break every call up like a loaf of bread and cut it in different slices, that is an opportunity to shrink the amount of time which is invested…you reduce it by almost 50-70%.”

Meet the Speakers

Jafar H. Syed, SVP, Global Head of Channel, Alliances & Partnerships at Uniphore, is responsible for strategy development, resource allocation, and strategy execution. His key focus areas are identifying growth opportunities for Uniphore, strategic market expansion, alliances, and M&A and Program Management.

Saurabh Rai, Global Head Analytics & Strategic Initiatives at Tech Mahindra Business Process Services, possesses strong entrepreneurial, digital, analytical, and cross-industry skills. In professional roles spanning 22 years, he has led large, diverse, and geographically spread teams to sell and deliver complex Consulting, Business Analytics/AI programs, GIS, and process solutions. During a career built on a passion for startups and innovation, he has incubated Greenfield businesses in e-commerce, Fintech, and Blockchain; set up competencies; and seen them through growth. He is a proven leader and experienced advisor to multiple C-Level executives in various industries on digital transformation, new technology, and process initiatives

Gain Expert Insights on Conversational Automation

Uniphore’s vision of our partnerships is that of trusted partners in innovation. The whole idea is to make a partnership into a relationship because partners, such as Tech Mahindra, see these problems in real time and we can learn from each other.

That’s why we have teamed up with subject matter experts Jafar Syed of Uniphore and Saurabh Rai of Tech Mahindra to present a podcast on the value of conversational automation.

Catch the Uniphore and Tech Mahindra podcast to get expert insight on the value of a conversational automation platform.

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