U-Analyze: The New Age Solution for Scalability in Credit Collections

U-Analyze: The New Age Solution for Scalability in Credit Collections

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Credit collection continues to be a massive challenge for enterprises across industry verticals. Account Receivables or collections have reached such proportions that debt collection today is a full-fledged industry in its own right.

In this context, smarter solutions like Uniphore’s U-Analyze are helping organizations scale their debt collections without letting the cost of recovery escalate. Consequently, enterprises across the board are able to scale their revenues quarter after quarter. Here are four essential ways this SaaS-based solution is helping enterprises do that.

100% call mapping across multiple languages

The solution offers a 100% call mapping for all agent-consumer communication, making it one of the most accurate tools in the business. U-Analyze has the ability to track communication in 80+ languages including 14 Indian languages ensuring that even communication in a regional language gets tracked for effective analytics. It classifies each collection call into various categories offering agents insights into which consumers are most likely to repay and when.

Advanced keyword recognition for proactive solutions

As a premier Speech Analytics solution, U-Analyze uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based algorithms for advanced keyword spotting. The solution can not only track words spoken by the debtor but also build a sentiment analysis, allowing agents to personalize their approach for better collection based on the customer’s mood and intent. With its predictive analytics, U-Analyze allows agents to offer debtors a promise to pay (P2P) schedule that is mutually beneficial for both the enterprise and the customer.

Compliance monitoring for professional communication

Collections are a tricky challenge as they involve various guidelines and compliances to ensure they adhere to the consumer protection law of the land. With U-Analyze, enterprises can track every agent call, ensuring that all calls are compliant with regulatory guidelines and ruling out any legal repercussions for the enterprise.

Agent performance tracking for better results

U-Analyze tracks agent-consumer calls to determine how each and every agent performs. Eventually, it correlates the collections and agent communication helping enterprises to find and reward talented agents. The solution helps enterprises increase their collection scalability by ensuring low performing collection agents are imparted training, ensuring higher collections and a more satisfied employee force.

 As a new generation smart solution, the solution covers a higher percentage of collections calls, aids higher conversion of delinquency to payments, and helps a greater proportion of the agent workforce to deploy effective collections techniques. Thus, as a collections offering, U-Analyze is an indispensable part of enterprise collections strategy.

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