The Power of Voice

The Power of Voice

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As humans, we yak, chit-chat, pow-wow, rap, jabber, gab, babble, chatter across every available means. And when we want Customer Service, we try antiquated “automated” systems, get frustrated and immediately want to have a real, two-way voice conversation.

Just recently, I had an issue with my financial institution and tried various means to get them to understand my issue. But when those all failed, I called customer service. Sadly, even that proved ineffective and I ended up in multiple calls and eventually a two hour-long visit to the local branch to get resolution and have my “voice” heard.

Today I’m thrilled to launch Uniphore’s new global brand, centered on the theme of
“Our Voice.”

Our Voice. It’s how we express emotion, resolve our problems, how we work and live.

Sure, we can put words on paper or send them in a text or email, but they will never convey
the raw emotion, magnitude and understanding of a human voice.

As machines around us get smarter, the best way for us to communicate with them is not to change our behavior to touch or gesture – but to communicate the way we have since our species first harnessed a force so powerful, it differentiated us from all other living things: Our voice.

And when voices are exchanged, a unique experience called a conversation happens.

Effective conversations have at least two active participants: a speaker and a listener.
But users calling customer service are frustrated when agents fail to hear them and can’t resolve their concerns. Customer voices go unheard, leaving them to search out new businesses and people who can meet their needs. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation platform finally gives their voice new power to resolve problems and change outcomes.

And yes, conversations are complex, and follow-through is everything. That’s why our AI hears what customer service agents miss and then takes action to ensure a positive experience. Only Uniphore’s platform delivers the ability to listen and act on language, specific dialects, detect and analyze customer emotion, and predict true intent. All in real-time.

And suddenly the world has the power of its voice back.

Our mission is simple.
We give each customer a voice.
No one else hears them. But we do.
Uniphore. Powered by the human voice.

By: Annie Weckesser, CMO

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