Uniphore Innovates with New AI Solutions | Uniphore

Uniphore Innovates with New AI Solutions | Uniphore

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Announcing U-Capture, an Industry-leading AI Solution to Capture and Add Contextual Data for Enterprise Applications, While Unlocking Complete Data Sovereignty for Enterprise AI

PALO ALTO, Calif., SEPT 14, 2023 –  Uniphore, one of the world’s largest AI-native, enterprise SaaS companies, today announced U-Capture, the only enterprise AI solution that can capture both structured and unstructured data with full data sovereignty, enabling automation, analytics and action from connected applications across a platform. This latest addition adds to its established portfolio of generative AI, emotion AI, knowledge AI and workforce automation solutions as part of the Uniphore X-Platform.

A result of its acquisition of Red Box early in 2023, the new solution, U-Capture, showcases the momentum behind the company’s comprehensive customer-centered innovation strategy that blends homegrown innovation with acquired technologies.  All of these innovations are integrated into Uniphore’s X-Platform, an enterprise-class AI platform designed to better understand and act on customer and employee conversations across the enterprise.

“Enterprise leaders are in the race to plan for and implement strategic AI initiatives that will transform their business,” said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore “Now more than ever, staying ahead of the game requires an aggressive approach to innovation focused on bringing value to customers as quickly as possible. Uniphore blends our own internal innovations with those acquired through our strong M&A strategy to deliver solutions across our X-Platform that transform both customer and employee experiences.”

Key to customer and employee experience is data.  With U-Capture, customers can seamlessly access all data from past and even live conversations and then leverage AI to extract intelligence and then deliver better experiences. Access to this data means improved insights for customers and the strongest possible AI-driven outcomes for the business.

With U-Capture on the X-Platform, enterprises now have access to their AI-ready data in real-time and post-call to support their business and compliance needs, for automation and analysis of every conversation, and with complete data sovereignty and security.

Additional features and benefits of U-Capture include:

  • Open APIs – allowing enterprises to have full control and access to their data via APIs
  • Flexible deployment of capture and data streaming – enabling seamless cloud and hybrid delivery of data
  • Capture functionality now part of one consistent enterprise architecture – offering unparallel resiliency.
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) – offering containerized compute footprint for up to 90% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Connectivity – ability to record voice and capture data across new and legacy telephony systems.

Additionally, today Uniphore announced other enhancements to several applications which are incorporating Generative AI capabilities running on its X-Platform, including:

  • U-Assist Summary – Uniphore’s flagship agent assist solution, U-Assist, now comes with an enhanced summary feature that leverages natural language generation (NLG) and transformer models to generate summaries for every chat and voice interaction with multiple intents and dispositions.
  • U-Assist Intent Training – allows a business analyst to now define intents and map to flows created, thereby accelerating the ability to deploy, build and customize agent-assisted interactions.
  • U-Self Serve Context Switching – provides enhanced context switching enables virtual agents to maintain the original context of the conversation to drive resolution.
  • U-Self Serve Proactive Outreach – allows customers to proactively reach out to their customer base for placement of necessary and time sensitive orders, debt recovery with step-by-step customer guidance.

X-Platform Delivers New Capabilities for Q for Sales

Enhancements to Uniphore’s Q for Sales solution for revenue teams include:

  • Analysis of meetings based on verbal, tonal and visual cues to provide sellers 3X the insights from previous versions.
  • Expanded governance to include Meeting, Deal and Team level coaching and collaboration.
  • Enabling team selling with the frictionless sharing of clips and playlists via integrations to Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • Delivering A/B testing for content and messaging – Uniphore’s AI auto-surfaces content that receives positive and negative reactions from buyers to help sales teams strengthen messaging and content.
  • Presentation Guidance delivers Real-time notifications and guidance around presentation skills to improve video meetings.
  • Empathy coach – improving seller awareness around empathy, it’s impact on revenue and how to adapt to buyer reactions.

Uniphore’s Q for Sales enables sales teams everywhere to derive insights based on engagement and sentiment from every remote sales interaction to predict deal outcomes accurately. This is critical at a time when 47% of sales leaders are missing forecasts. Additionally, with sales reps spending 77% of their time on non-selling tasks, Q for Sales streamlines team selling, eliminates silos and surfaces the moments and action items that matter most to buyers.

Customers wanting to try these new innovations can now sign up with no platform fee.

Check out Uniphore’s latest innovations for U product line and Q product line.

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About Uniphore 
Uniphore is one of the largest B2B AI-native companies – decades-proven, built-for-scale, and designed for the Enterprise. The company drives business outcomes, across multiple industry verticals, and the largest global deployments. Uniphore infuses AI into every part of the Enterprise that impacts the customer. We deliver the only multimodal architecture centered on customers that combines Generative AI, Knowledge AI and Emotion AI and Workflow Automation and a co-pilot to guide you. We understand better than anyone how to capture voice, video, text, and how to analyze all types of data. As AI becomes more powerful, every part of the Enterprise that impacts the customer will be disrupted. We believe the future will run on the connective tissue between people, machines and data: all in service of creating the most human processes and experiences for customers and employees.

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