Conversational Automation with Uniphore and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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As more companies are moving to the cloud for its agility, scalability, ease of management, and availability of new technologies, it’s important to choose a conversational AI and automation platform that is designed for use in the cloud.

Uniphore is integrated with Amazon Connect. By using Amazon Connect Contact Flow, calls can easily be answered by U-Self Serve, Uniphore’s intelligent voice assistant. U-Self Serve can understand customer intent and resolve issues automatically. U-Self Serve leverages Amazon Polly to power its text-to-speech capability to communicate with customers using natural language. If a human touch is needed, U-Self Serve can transfer the call at any time to a live agent.

Once the call is transferred, Uniphore’s real-time agent guidance solution, U-Assist, can listen to the call and guide agents at every turn during the conversation, track any promises made, and automatically generate call summaries. Through the pre-built Amazon Connect integration, Amazon’s Kinesis data stream provides Uniphore access to real-time audio and agent events streams which enable U-Assist’s in-call agent guidance and after-call work automation solution.

Uniphore on Amazon Connect Gives You Full Flexibility on How You Optimize Your Call Center

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps you provide superior customer service. Out of the box, Amazon Connect lets you build reliable and inexpensive automatic calling services on AWS. Uniphore brings Amazon Connect to the next level by giving customers a better customer engagement platform with intelligent, next-generation self-service capabilities, real-time agent guidance, shared flows and business logic, and multi-intent call categorization and disposition. With Uniphore on Amazon Connect, customers can dramatically reduce customer hold times, abandonment rates, average handling times, agent onboarding times, manual after-call work, and error rates—all while improving first contact resolution and the overall agent and customer experience.

Uniphore on Amazon Connect Gives You Full Flexibility on How You Optimize Your Call Center

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