Public Safety Solutions

Drive efficiencies, streamline control room operations, and protect agent and citizen welfare.

EMT Excited for AI integrations in the public safety sector

Keep the mission on course with conversational AI and automation. 

As the nerve center of most emergency services operations, the control room is awash with interactions.  

Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform can help you uncover powerful insights from the resilient capture, real-time, and post call analysis of 100% of conversational data. Understand call drivers and trends, enhance compliance, transform agent and caller experience, reduce call volumes through the automation of non-emergency interactions, and build out more targeted coaching initiatives both in the control room and across the wider health and public safety field.  

The adoption of conversational AI and automation has the ability to reduce response times for the emergency services by up to 35%. 

As we continually strive to deliver the best member experience in our industry, our partnership with Uniphore has enabled PSCU’s contact center agents to have more interaction with members and spend less time on manual tasks

Rini Fredette, SVP Contact Center

Trusted by 70% of police forces and 50% of ambulance services in the UK 

Solutions for Public Safety 

audio capture

Real-time audio and metadata capture for accurate transcription and analysis.   

Automation of non-emergency processes

Accelerate resolution and elevate caller experience with the use of an intelligent virtual assistant.

Provide real-time
guidance to agents

Boost agent performance and productivity with call guidance and workflow automation. 

Granular call

Improve call wrap up and understand call drivers for greater efficiencies and a deeper understanding of your callers’ needs. 

  • 100%Of calls captured & analyzed
  • 50%Reduction of call analysis time
  • 60%Reduction in compliance issues

Transform your control room operations with Uniphore.

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