Benefits of Chatbots

Benefits of Chatbots

Kumaran ShanmuhanBy Kumaran Shanmuhan
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benefits of chatbots

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There are many benefits to implementing a chatbot within your contact center, most of which directly and positively impact on the end-customer.

The increasing prevalence of chatbots in the customer service space can be put down to the simple fact that they provide fast, easy and human-like customer service at first contact. There is no doubt that chatbots have the potential to significantly change both how customers interact with companies, and how organizations, in turn, interact with consumers.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot:

While the standard view of a chatbot is one that operates as an interactive virtual agent and is capable of assisting customers with simple inquiries, thanks to its chat-based interface, some solutions are able to handle more complex tasks too. A good example is Uniphore’s Intelligent Assistant, which is able to go far beyond a simple question-and-answer format. Thanks to a conversational type dialog with the customer, this chatbot is able to understand the intent and sentiment and translate this to actionable transactions.

Due to its ability to deliver on more complex interactions with consumers, the Intelligent Assistant is perfectly suited to deliver a number of vital benefits to the contact center. In this blog, we will look at four of the most important of these benefits.

A report by Forrester suggests that as many as 77% of US consumers believe that the most important part of customer service is for the organization to value the consumers’ time. This is the first key benefit offered by the Intelligent Assistant – it can greatly reduce the time required to resolve customer issues, which obviously leads to happier customers.

Anyone who has some experience with calling a contact center will know that there is an inevitable hold time before you are connected with an agent. This could easily take upwards of 10 minutes and leads to increased customer frustration. After all, if a company expects you to support them, you expect them equally to not waste your time. Thanks to chatbots, the frustrating days of waiting in a queue to speak to an agent are eliminated.

After all, chatbots never get tired, they never get angry, they never require breaks and they can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people. No matter what time of the day it is or how many people are contacting you, every single one of them will be answered immediately.

In a similar vein, we live in a society where traditional operating hours are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The permanently available nature of the Internet and the growing number of all day, everyday operations run by many large retailers means that modern customers also don’t wish to be hemmed in by standard opening and closing hours. When they want a problem resolved, or an answer to a question, they expect to be able to get it immediately – whatever the time of day or night.

Being robotic in nature, Virtual Assistant is available 24/7/365 and can quickly answer questions across multiple channels. This means that you can deliver the kind of service expected by modern consumers, without having to hire agents to work night shifts, because Uniphore’s Intelligent Assistant provides natural, human-like assistance, without the need for the presence of a trained customer service agent.

The third benefit of this chatbot is that it is able to personalize the customer experience, thanks to its ability to collect and analyze data from a wide range of sources, including previous support interactions. This allows them to deliver a more personalized experience because it means customers don’t have to repeat themselves multiple times to different agents every time they contact an organization.

Moreover, there is clearly a growing demand from the customer side for a more personal experience across all channels and at all times. To keep up with the growth of these channels, one can leverage a chatbot to meet the rising volume of support requests. And because it utilizes natural language processing technology, the chatbot can actually understand what the customer is asking, enabling it to provide personalized, on-demand service around the clock. Perhaps best of all, the chatbot is even able to authenticate the customer, without human intervention, making life that much easier for the client.

Virtual Assistant Services:

Finally, the Virtual Assistant is a great tool for promoting brand loyalty. For one thing, by automating many basic customer service functions, it is helping to transform the role of human agents, allowing them to focus their attention on the more complex cases, thereby providing better and warmer service to their customers.

More pertinently, Uniphore’s Virtual Assistant is also capable of automating outbound, proactive communication with consumers, meaning that it can automatically contact the customer to follow up on a previous call they may have made, to check in and assess their satisfaction with the result, or to find out how happy they are with a product or service they have purchased. It can even be used to wish individual clients on their birthday. These small touches inevitably boost customer satisfaction.

In today’s world, an increasing number of people are more comfortable with the chat format than they are with making a phone call, which means we can expect the demand for chatbots to grow significantly. It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that there is a chatbot revolution coming, so to be successful in the future, businesses will have to embrace this new technology. And when it comes to implementing a chatbot, there’s no better option than Uniphore’s Intelligent Assistant to help you to join the revolution.

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