It’s official. Conversations are more valuable than ever.

It’s official. Conversations are more valuable than ever.

Umesh SachdevBy Umesh SachdevCo-founder and CEOUniphore
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Milestones are meant to be shared, celebrated, shouted from the mountaintops.  They’re a time for reflecting on all we’ve accomplished and for thanking all those who helped get us here.  They’re also a rallying point. Milestones don’t just remind us how far we’ve come; they show us what’s next.  They raise the bar on what’s expected of us – from others and from ourselves.  And they push us onward toward that next major achievement. That next milestone…

Conversations are about to be $2.5B times better.
Uniphore announces $400M Series E
Valuation climbs to $2.5 billionLed by

This month, we celebrate a major milestone. Our latest round of funding – $400 million in our Series E fundraise – brings Uniphore’s total funding to more than half a billion dollars ($610 million to be exact). Led by NEA, this newest round raises Uniphore’s valuation to $2.5 billion. It’s clear: investors, too, believe conversations are the future currency of the enterprise, and they’re betting on Uniphore to lead the way in Conversational AI that helps businesses unlock value from their customer interactions.

Just what will Uniphore do with this new capital? Double down on technology that will define the future. We will invest even more—and with even greater purpose – in the science and the people who will develop tomorrow’s leading innovations in voice AI, computer vision and tonal emotion. Our new digital reality has opened up a world of possibilities for personal and business interactions. And at the speed we’re advancing, how we communicate today won’t look anything like how we will communicate in the months and years ahead. One thing is certain: however we interact with one another, Uniphore will make the experience more engaging, enlightening and valuable – for customers and businesses alike.

How do I know this? Because we’re doing it already. While the rest of the industry sees Conversational AI as chatbots and self-service applications, we recognize its potential as so much more. Today, we’re pushing Conversational AI well beyond its “traditional” role in the contact center to empower more enterprises and industries than ever – from marketing and sales to healthcare insurers/payers to financial and legal institutions and beyond. And we’ll continue to push the envelope.  Tomorrow’s businesses will have greater control over their CX strategies than ever before through the breadth and depth of our comprehensive platform and as we work to advance the democratization of AI and automation.

That’s the future. That’s where we go from here. In 2008, the same year Tesla announced its Series E round, Elon Musk said in an interview that he viewed the company as a direct competitor to major U.S. and European auto manufacturers. A bold statement then; but we all know where the story went from there.  Today, Tesla isn’t just a major competitor – it’s redefining the technology and the business of the very industry it disrupted. Uniphore is no different. We have the talent, the resources and – most importantly – the drive to punch above our weight. And the world is taking notice.

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Uniphore Raises $400 Million to Support Explosive Growth and Global Demand for Automating Conversations across the Enterprise

Our latest press release outlines the details of our landmark achievement. This is truly an exciting time for Uniphore and for our industry. Our customer base is rapidly expanding, as is our market leadership around the globe, particularly in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Today, we are one step closer to joining the ranks of those defining brands the world knows by name. And we’re not letting off the gas anytime soon.

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So, today we celebrate and remember what it took to reach this point and all the gifted, dedicated people that pushed us to greater heights each day.  The momentum we’ve achieved has positioned Uniphore to not only control its own destiny but to reimagine tomorrow’s customer experience. To be sure, $400 million in funding is a fortune; but we believe—and our investors agree – that conversations are worth billions.

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