Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy With This 2x2 Matrix

Complete this 2 x 2 customer sentiment and engagement matrix to get a real-time pulse on deals across the sales org.

Forecast accuracy hinges on your ability to obtain three things:

A high-quality forecasting method

CRM data


* Opportunity level insights regarding customer sentiment and engagement.

This exercise will help you obtain emotional insights.

How this exercise works:

For each opportunity, answer five questions pertaining to sentiment and five questions pertaining to engagement. In doing so, you’ll need to recall:

Language cues

words, phrases, contextual cues, share of voice

Tonal cues

tone of voice, inflections, hesitation

Non-verbal cues

body language, facial expressions, reactions, eye gaze

Tally up your score

Map each opportunity on the 2 x 2 matrix.

The matrix can help you to:

  • Visualize customer sentiment (positive/negative) and engagement (high/low)
  • Better understand which deals are most likely to close
  • Build a more accurate forecast

I Want to Improve My Sales Forecast Accuracy