When the Agent Experience Suffers, So Does Customer Experience

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Today’s agents are more stressed out, frustrated, and likely to leave than ever before. Traditional tools don’t help. The only way to systematically improve the experience for every agent is to give them the guidance and coaching they need at the precise moment they need it — while they are helping resolve customer issues.

Agents are
Overwhelmed and

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The agent job is more difficult and stressful than ever, with increasingly complex customer issues, rapid product changes, and continued high volumes of calls to handle.

Only one in three agents are engaged on the job:

38% of agents today are disengaged

34% of agents are engaged

28% of agents are neutral

Customers Expect Personalized Interactions

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At the same time, customer expectations for service continue to grow. In addition to wanting their issues resolved quickly, consumers today also expect greater personalization.

Real-Time, In-Call
Agent Assistance is a
Game Changer

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Powered by conversational AI and automation, real-time agent assistance helps agents resolve issues faster, demonstrate empathy, focus on the conversation, and be more productive. The right solution augments and assists agents during the call, combining rules-based guidance and workflows with conversational AI to provide personalized, dynamic guidance based on the conversation.

Agents need help to...

Quickly identify why the customer is calling

Resolve the issue faster

Improve consistency and make fewer errors

Personalize the interaction

Real-time, in-call agent assistance can...

  • Use conversational AI to identify customer intent as well as sentiment and emotion
  • Automatically pull up relevant customer information and offer guidance on next best action to take
  • Automate tasks on the agent’s behalf
  • Guide agents using pre-programmed workflows and next best actions
  • Automate tasks using robotic process automation
  • Offer personalized guidance for the agent based on the conversation
  • Automatically identify patterns and changes to them to alert agents in real time about products and services that would be most relevant

Resulting in...

  • Reduced agent discovery time and average handle time
  • Increased agent engagement and empathy
  • Faster time to resolution and reduced handle time
  • Reduced number of screens for agents to log into
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced errors and fewer repeat calls
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Faster time to agent proficiency
  • Increased agent engagement
  • Optimized agent and customer experience
  • Improved sales effectiveness
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Machines Helping Humans = Transformative Results

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Contact centers that deploy real-time agent assistance are seeing dramatic improvements: