Research Report:
Inside the Buyer’s Brain

Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Emotional Intelligence in Sales: An Ebook on Enhancing Sales Skills through Emotional Intelligence.

Does the human touch still rule sales?

As the sales landscape rapidly transforms with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, and leaders take buyer-centric and relationship-driven approaches, emotional intelligence (EQ) is emerging as a quintessential skill that can set top performers apart from the rest. But what’s the true impact?

Do EQ masters lead the pack in modern selling?

Empathy, engagement and emotional insight–these intangible qualities often wield immense influence, yet their measurement remains elusive, making it crucial to understand their significance in a high-achieving sales environment.  
We analyzed whether high-EQ sellers consistently outperform their low-EQ peers across specific sales metrics. In this report, you’ll find new research that determines just how EQ yields superior sales meeting outcomes, drives increased deals, enhances problem understanding and, ultimately, how much high-EQ sellers outperform their low-EQ peers.

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