Tech Mahindra and Uniphore:

Conversational Automation

The partnership between Uniphore and Tech Mahindra combines Uniphore’s AI and automation-driven technology with Tech Mahindra’s service expertise. Uniphore and Tech Mahindra jointly create exceptional customer experiences and improve service outcomes by supporting customer service automation.

Problems We Solve

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra solve customer service challenges through Quality Automation Pov. Post-call analytics generate process, performance, and outcome benefits.

Problem: Many companies monitor as little as 1% to 2% of their overall call volume.

Solution: 100% of calls are monitored with automated analysis

Problem: Supervisors only offer help after an agent falls short.

Solution: Skills Gap Assessment supports proactive coaching

Problem: Agent performance assessments vary by supervisor.

Solution: 100% of calls are monitored with automated analysis

Problem: Generating reports manually is time-consuming and error-prone and requires data analytics expertise.

Solution: Analytics Driven Reports Use AI to generate insights on:

  • 100% of calls
  • For 360° experience improvements

Business Benefits

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra offer conversational service automation solutions that complement each other, making agents’ job easier and enhancing customer experience.

Across industries, Tech Mahindra AI Speech solution led to customer experience improvements, including:




Quality Process Automation




Quality Process Automation




Quality Process Automation

Tech Mahindra: Connected World.
Connected Experiences

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra solve customer service challenges through Quality Automation Pov. Post-call analytics generate process, performance, and outcome benefits.

Tech Mahindra has:

$5.1B in revenue1
1,123 customers1
141,000+ employees in 90 countries1

Established in 2008


Over 300 employees


Received $140M in3
Investment in 2021

Uniphore: Where every conversation is truly heard and understood.

Uniphore delivers a customer service solution that automates conversations, predicts sentiment, summarizes, and ensures promises are kept.

Uniphore has earned awards from some of the top technology research and consulting companies, including:

IDC Logo
...and more!

Industries Supported

  • Use AI to drive measurable and sustainable improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automate journeys such as bill paying, service inquires, upgrades, and others to deflect calls while improving the customer experience
  • Automate after-call work for high-value-journeys, such as opening new accounts, to shorten average handle time and call wait times

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  • Use AI to diagnose, treat, and deliver clinical services remotely
  • Raise the service quality bar by automating mundane processes
  • Automate patient journeys, such as doctor appointment booking, triage, and emergency case escalation
  • Resolve FAQs while improving the patient experience
  • Resolve FAQs while improving the patient experience

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Decrease in customer effort1
Improvement in hold times1
Reduction in after call work1
Increase in sales effectiveness1
  • Transform their operations, bring innovation, drive profitability, and optimize resources
  • Use conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) to deepen customer relationships and overcome competitive challenges
  • Improve banking customer outcomes with after-call work automation
  • Acquire new customers and deepen existing relationships by predicting customer intent, offering self-service options, reducing friction in customer journeys, and augmenting agent capabilities

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Partnering for Intelligent Customer Service

Uniphore and Tech Mahindra have joined together to transform customer services and to ensure that every customer has a voice.

Uniphore Conversational Service Automation platform uses AI to hear what service agents might miss, including emotion and intent.

Tech Mahindra’s digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services ensure that your organization is best positioned to adopt the latest innovations in customer experience.

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