Building the CX Tech Stack of the Future

Building the CX Tech Stack of the Future

Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder and President APAC, Uniphore and Loan Kiss, Sitdown Events

As enterprises plan for the post-pandemic future, new goals—and new ways to achieve them—shape the customer service landscape. Tasked with driving operational efficiency, productivity and growth, business leaders are turning to technology to bridge the gap between rising customer demands and limited human resources.

In this webinar Ravi Saraogi, President APAC, Uniphore, shares how tech innovations like AI and automation are empowering customer service providers to do more with less. As he explains, ‘Building the CX Tech Stack of the Future’ requires putting the right pieces in place to:

  • Create a truly customer-centric experience
  • Deliver a seamless journey across multiple channels
  • Assist customer service representatives in real-time
  • Strengthen brand promise and loyalty

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