Simplifying Contact Center Processes

Learn how to reduce costs and improve user experiences

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The contact center industry plays a pivotal role in delivering efficient customer service and support across various sectors. However, operating a contact center can be costly, primarily due to the highly labor-intensive nature of its operations. To address this challenge, organizations are increasingly turning to automated process flows to optimize their contact center operations and achieve significant cost savings. 

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Join us as we share the remarkable transformation journey of PSCU, the nation’s largest credit union service organization, and how they leveraged AI and automation to simplify hundreds of workflow processes and eliminate their complicated knowledge base—all while boosting agent performance and efficiency.

In this session, our panel will share invaluable lessons and key takeaways to:


Portrait of a smiling woman with shoulder-length black hair wearing a blue shirt against a better experiences red background.

Surbhi Kaul
Vice President, Global Customer Experience at Juniper Networks 

Portrait of a smiling bald man wearing glasses and a white shirt under a blue blazer, symbolizing better experiences with contact center processes. He has a gray background.

Laurent Pierre, Jr.
Senior Vice President, Global Customer Service at NielsenIQ

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Neal Topf
President & Co-Founder, Calzilla

Vijai Shankar PR headshot

Vijai Shankar
Vice President, Product Marketing at Uniphore

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