Q Real-Time for Salesforce

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Unlock Emotional Insights Seamlessly within Salesforce

Capture a new dimensions of buyer data with real-time sentiment and engagement analysis.  Q for Sales adds a critical contextual layer to Salesforce Sales Cloud to empower your team with actionable insights into every engagement.

Bi-Directional Data Sync

Ensure that all data is captured, complete and shared across Q for Sales and Salesforce.

Activity Capture & Meeting Notes

Capture all your meeting activities, action items and Generative AI-summarized meeting notes directly in Salesforce.

Opportunity Management

Track sales process and sales methodology adherence with accuracy and ensure all of your opportunities are up-to-date and on track across Salesforce and Q for Sales.

Why Enterprise Leaders Choose Q for Sales + Salesforce

A New Dimension of Customer 360

Understand buyer reactions, sentiment, engagement and behaviors, from initial contact to closed-won. The integration allows for a deeper dive into customer data, providing the qualitative dimension of revenue intelligence that you are missing.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Automated data synchronization eliminates redundancy and ensures real-time data availability, saving countless hours and reducing errors.

Enhanced Sales Strategy

With real-time insights and analytics at your fingertips, you can fine-tune your sales approach, identify best practices and maximize conversions.

Empowered Sales Teams

Armed with real-time data and insights, your sales teams can approach prospects and clients with confidence, knowing they have the entire sales history and actionable intelligence at their disposal.

Get 3x the insights with Q for Sales to help you move deals forward.

Integration Overview

The Q for Sales + Salesforce integration provides end users with the ability to view account and opportunity-level information from within Q for Sales. As meetings are processed, Q will automatically associate meetings with Accounts and Opportunities.

Once a meeting has been associated to with an Account and Opportunity, Q’s bi-directional integration will log Past Meetings and Action items within Salesforce on the Account or Opportunity Record. This reduces the amount of time required to update the activity in Salesforce.

Integration Setup

Salesforce can be connected using OAuth 2.0. The connection options are outlined below.

Screenshot of a computer interface for connecting a Salesforce CRM account, displaying options for oauth 2.0 authentication and various settings including url and permissions.

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