8 Thoughts on Creating Better Customer Contact Experiences

8 Thoughts on Creating Better Customer Contact Experiences

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In advance of our webinar on May 23rd about how to Improve Your Customer Service using dynamic scripting we wanted to share what we feel makes for a better customer contact experience when creating your script and training your agents.

1. Map The Customer Journey

Start with a list of all your products or services. Then write down all of the possible reasons they have for calling you or you calling them. Overlay this onto the pre & post sales journey. Plan out what the best response is for each given experience.

2. Don’t Use A Straight Flow

Ensure that you allow your agents to respond to customer queries away from the script while staying on message. This builds empathy and trust.

3. Use Spoken English Not Written

Where possible try to create the first draft of the script verbally and not by sitting at a computer. You should plan out what the main areas and topics are and even a skeleton plan of the script. But then talk into a recording device to hone the script into a human feeling conversation. Once this is done, you can then get it down on paper and into your scripting software.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice,

Carry out role play sessions with your agents. You want them to make mistakes in this environment and not on calls. Let them feel comfortable and see the value in these sessions. You can also use test groups to see what the effect is.

5. Vocal Training

Invest in getting some good vocal training for your agents. This will help them to interpret how to best deliver the script and use intonation to their advantage.

6. Understand The Customer

Ensure your agents spend time understanding who your customers are, what their pain points are and what their world is like in general. This will reap huge benefits for your customer service efforts.

7. Review The Script

Plan regular script reviews to improve over time. Get your agents involved with this process.

8. Invest in Agent Scripting Software

Dynamic Scripting enables you to create, edit and modify scripts without the need for IT to be involved. JAS allows you to create and edit scripts with a click of the mouse not using code in a drag and drop environment.

This can really be your secret sauce in ensuring your customers’ queries are resolved faster with less need for call backs or escalations. Uniphore recently worked with Telefonica O2 UK using Uniphore Agent Scripting and reduced call center agent training time, AHT, and call transfers.

To see a live Demo of “Uniphore Agent Scripting” and hear from Mark Frowde of Telefónica O2 UK on how they reduced call center agent training time, AHT, and call transfer rates with Uniphore, then don’t forget to join us for our free Webinar – “Learn How to Improve Customer Service with Dynamic Scripting” on 23rd May. Click here to register.

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