How Software Automation Drives Customer Experience and Savings in the Call Center

How Software Automation Drives Customer Experience and Savings in the Call Center

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Automation software220x147Rekeying data, updating fields and retrieving customer specific information are just some of the many tasks today’s call center agents and back office workers manually perform, sometimes in a single interaction and while navigating through multiple screens. Manual documentation, repetitive data entry and application complexity result in increased error rate, prolonged average handle time (AHT), low first call resolution (FCR) and ultimately poor customer experience.

Over-Tasked and Struggling to Retrieve Answers Buried Deep in Application – Meet Today’s Agent!

Agents are time pressured to resolve complicated calls quickly and effectively – yet this is made impossible when answers are buried deep in a chaotic desktop. Customers are made to hold as representatives copy-paste information from one field to the next, exit one application to open another or restart the entire session – just to find the solution. Instead of focusing on the customer, the agent is fixated on completing redundant and repetitive tasks, resulting in high average handling time, abundant human error and a very frustrated customer.

What’s the Solution? Automation Software

Automation software integrates disparate systems to enable an end to end, seamless business process. Manual tasks such as navigating multiple screens, reading data, updating fields, and documenting interactions are now automated, cutting down AHT and improving customer service. Not only are tasks preformed automatically, reliably and in compliance to the existing business rules and regulations, key processes are completed much faster than if carried out by a human.

Faster, Accurate and Much More Efficient – Meet the Productive Agent!

The accuracy and speed with which your agent understands and resolves an issue can be the difference between a happy and frustrated customer. An improved handle time in a contact center is a matter of a few seconds saved that equates big savings for the organization. This is precisely where automation software can benefit you. Automated processes translate into speed, efficiency and no human error. By automating key business processes – calls will be shorter, agents more productive, and customers much happier!

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