Know Your Customers’ Real-Intent with Conversational AI

Know Your Customers’ Real-Intent with Conversational AI

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Customer conversations are a treasure trove of information. Such conversations, in what is stated and implied, provide great insight to customers’ satisfaction, their loyalty, or their likelihood to recommend your company and your products. At a time when this digital generation has very high expectations for customer service, it may seem trite to say that companies need to pay attention to what their customers are telling them. But it is more true now than ever.

Contact center agents across the globe spend millions of hours a day conversing with customers. The purpose behind these many customer conversations is to simply understand what customers want, resolve their queries, and eventually serve them better.Is it really that simple? Customers provide key insights every day about your products or service. Through email, chat or a call to your contact center. They call to show their frustration, dissent or anger. How do you analyze and begin to draw insights from millions of hours of customer calls or millions of chats each day? How do you even begin to look for hidden nuggets in voice calls, email or chats – the “Real-Intent” behind these conversations.

This is where Conversational AI comes in. In fact, a recent global survey of corporate decision makers conducted by Opus Research identified ‘rapid recognition of customer intent’ as the top driver for deploying conversational analytics solutions. Companies indeed want to know their customers’ real intent.The team at Uniphore is working hard and leading the way in bringing such innovations to market. Our Conversational Analytics product U-Analyze identifies and analyzes the customer’s emotions, sentiments and eventually their Real-IntentTM. More importantly, it does it in real time as a customer call or a live chat is progressing.

Imagine the possibilities. Contact center agents get to see an automated speech-to-text transcription on their screens in real-time. But this is merely table stake. As the call is progressing, the AI layer in the product analyzes the call as well as detects and analyzes hundreds of emotions. All of this is then linked to the customer’s real intent. Agents receive real-time alerts with recommendations ranging from customer upsell and cross-sell, to customer behavior and customer service, to soft skills training. As the call ends, the product automatically builds a call summary, completely automating After-Call work.

With channel fragmentation and this generation demanding superior customer service across all channels, every customer conversation becomes that much more important. The time is now for companies to leverage Conversational AI to deliver a quantum leap in customer service. At Uniphore, we are empowering businesses with the right products to fundamentally transform the customer service experience.

By Umesh Sachdev
Co-founder and CEO, Uniphore

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