Knowledge Base Optimization: Stop the Hunt for Information with AI

Knowledge Base Optimization: Stop the Hunt for Information with AI

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Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day, an annual celebration for those who enjoy hunting down lists of items. However, not all scavenger hunts are fun-filled activities. For contact center agents, tracking down relevant information from an outdated knowledge base is about as far from a game as it gets.

Let’s face it – the manual searches a call center agent performs on a static knowledge management system can be tedious, time-consuming and stressful. Imagine if probing for information was more like a scavenger hunt, with the data, history and context behind customer interactions taking the role of the treats or candy we collectively and passionately pursued in our youth. Fortunately, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), scouring through a knowledge base can be fast, effortless and considerably less stressful.

What is a knowledge base?

Quite simply, a knowledge base provides an agent with a single source of truth for a call center’s multitude of processes and protocols. Agents often must reference their knowledge base when interacting with customers to ensure they are complying with their company’s guidelines.

Traditional manual or static knowledge bases require agents to memorize volumes of company protocols and procedures. To say nothing of the anxiety associated with telling a customer they’re about to go on hold while the agent scours databases for the necessary information.

The reality of today’s business world is that customers prefer to interact with a brand via multiple channels. This fractured interface can present a veritable nightmare for call center agents tasked with piecing together a cohesive history representative of the customer journey. A knowledge base platform with an added layer of conversational AI removes the barriers between information streams, allowing real-time assimilation of customer data and relevant knowledge to be brought to the surface, and available to agents with the touch of a key.

An AI-powered knowledge base provides a detailed, comprehensive map for your agent to follow on their scavenger hunt. Without it, our intrepid agent had better hope they memorized the landmarks. New or onboarding agents benefit from an AI-enriched platform as well – less time memorizing large tracts of information means they can get to the phones faster.

Call center cheat code

Uniphore’s U-Assist gives knowledge base scavenger hunters a decidedly unfair advantage. That’s because U-Assist streamlines knowledge management, saving agents the time and stress associated with digging for information while an increasingly impatient customer remains on hold. 

By automatically surfacing the information agents need when they need it, contact centers can lower metrics like Average Handle Time (AHT) while improving customer satisfaction (CSAT) by keeping agents on the line. 

CSAT is the ultimate concern, but happy scavengers come a close second. With solutions like U-Assist, they’ll be able to offer faster, more effective assistance in real-time. By freeing agents of the burdens associated with committing large tracts of information to memory, they can focus more closely on what matters: the customer. These improved conditions translate to better call scores, higher agent performance and reduced turnover. 

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