Moving Forward with Great Momentum

Moving Forward with Great Momentum

Umesh SachdevBy Umesh Sachdev
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As a SaaS company in today’s market, you have to move fast to stay ahead.

But moving fast, does not mean moving with haste. Take for example our recent acquisitions of Red Box and Hexagone. They happened to close within a few weeks of each other, but the decision to deliberately pursue their technologies was intentional and had been in motion for quite some time. Having the ability to move quickly and act when the time is right to deliver on our strategy, is a source of pride and what our customers have come to expect from our company.

Our X-Platform Just Got a Serious Shot in the Arm

At first blush, the two companies we acquired couldn’t be more different. One is based in the UK with 25 years in the industry, and the other is a relatively young company from France. Red Box is a product that captures voice, screen and metadata from conversations, and Hexagone is a technology that uses various voice, visual and text-based data to provide AI-derived insights.

But, it is exactly their unique capabilities that make the technologies from these two companies perfect additions to our X-Platform.  We are now able to offer our customers something they won’t be able to get anywhere else in the market—exactly at a time when they need it most. Let’s take a deeper look at just what that will look like.

Red Box

As we all know, AI is nothing without data. And all the conversations that occur within an enterprise are rich sources of data. The problem for enterprises today, however, is that most don’t control their own data. Instead, they must access it through a fragmented network of vendor gatekeepers. Until now, that is. By integrating Red Box’s best-in-class open-data platform within our X-Platform, we’ll be able to offer enterprises complete data sovereignty and the ability to freely access aggregated voice data from 100% of conversations.

For customers, these capabilities will:

And, they’ll be able to do it using a trusted, enterprise-grade open-data model that captures voice data with unmatched accuracy—a critical consideration as we enter a new era of open data.


Conversations are about much more than just words. They are a wellspring of emotional—and behavioral—data. Often, how we say something conveys more information than what we say. To truly understand 100% of a conversation, we need to reach beyond the words being spoken to grasp the speaker’s sentiment, emotion and behavioral motivations. That’s where Hexagone’s team of data scientists comes in.

The Hexagone team has built technology that will enable our customers to fuse all data from natural language processing (NLP), knowledge AI and voice and tonal analysis to pick up valuable behavioral cues  for even richer insights.  And, what’s more, these capabilities build upon our work in emotion AI over the past few years with innovations like the video and emotion AI software developed by Emotion Research Labs, a Spain-based software company we acquired in 2021.

Why This Matters Now More Than Ever

Let’s address the elephant in the room: everyone is worried about the economy right now. We’re seeing businesses tightening their budgets and a tech sector that’s restructuring to meet the new economic realities of today. Yet, while other companies may be slowing down or even pausing, Uniphore is charging ahead. We are experiencing high customer demand, product growth and recurring strong quarters, resulting in momentum that will accelerate our growth for the months – and years – ahead.

We are doing this by doubling down on the areas we said we would focus on: data sovereignty and emotion/behavioral science. By investing in these areas with a combination of homegrown and acquired innovations, we are not only fulfilling a promise to our customers, our investors and ourselves, but we are also demonstrating an unwavering commitment to going beyond. Beyond what our products are capable of. Beyond our customers’ expectations. And beyond—far beyond—anything our competitors are doing. And I couldn’t be more excited for the journey ahead

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