What Makes Visual IVR Software a Win-Win Solution?

What Makes Visual IVR Software a Win-Win Solution?

Three words: visual, accessible, affordable

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The Visual IVR software is an extension of your current IVR technology in the form of a visual guided menu interface, easily accessible from the company’s website or by launching a mobile app. Users can retrieve information, perform routine tasks and get instant results without having to listen to lengthy and incoherent instructions, speak to a voice recognition system, or wait on line for a representative.


The Visual IVR software is customer-centric, and as such, is a 24/7 self-service channel where users click their way from menu to solution, even during after-hours. With a 24 hours accessibility and convenient availability from the web or mobile, consumers are able to perform routine tasks on their time and on the fly. The visual IVR software reduces inbound call volume; in turn, agents are no longer occupied with repetitive requests and are free to handle more complex calls.


The Visual IVR software works seamlessly with the current IVR technology, enabling the organization to keep and reap its original IVR investment. Most IVR systems run on Voice XML (VXML) scripts. Visual IVR+ reads your current VXML scripts in real-time to render your IVR as a visually guided interface on web or smartphone devices. Any changes made to your VXML scripts are automatically reflected to display real-time, relevant content on the web or mobile. One set of scripts, no coding, no internal clashes, fast deployment, high ROI– it’s that simple!

A Win-Win Solution

The Visual IVR software helps call centers meet and succeed in their goals of lowering costs and significantly improving customer experience. With high customer satisfaction and fast ROI, Visual IVR is a win-win solution for the organization and the customer, both – not one or the other.

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