Uniphore @ Tech and Women Summit 2020

Uniphore @ Tech and Women Summit 2020

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In its influential report, ‘The Power of Parity’, the world’s premier management consulting firm McKinsey sheds light on how by advancing women’s equality, we can add $12 trillion to global GDP by 2025. As staggering as this number may sound, the fact of the matter is that women are even today underrepresented in every walk of life and more so in the corporate world. Women who account for 50% of the global population need urgent policy changes and a change in our mindsets to make workplaces more egalitarian. Gender equality is a moral and social responsibility and a critical economic obligation.

Uniphore was proud to be part of the recently concluded ‘Tech and Women Summit – 2020’ – an interactive virtual summit that featured leading voices in the world of tech, VC, and government policymakers. The company was represented by Ravi Saraogi, Co-founder and President APAC, alongside the moderator Shriya Sethi, Country Director at the International Innovation Corps, UChicago Trust and panelists – Rema Subramanian, Managing Director, Ankur Capital; Arnab Kumar, India Director of Strategy, Prosus and Dr. Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog.

Ravi began his discussion by giving a glimpse of how Uniphore is an equal opportunity provider and how it has been striving for women’s equality for a while. He explained the Rooney rule, which requires “at least one woman to be considered in the slate of candidates for either every open position or every open senior position.” He further added that Uniphore has been fast closing the gender gap thanks to the Rooney rule.

The current women’s representation in Uniphore stands at 33% overall, while women’s presence in the leadership team is 39%. He was optimistic that Uniphore would increase women’s presence in the organization and bring it to the 50% level within the next couple of years. Ravi also spoke about the various perks that the womenfolk of Uniphore exclusively enjoy: women-only happy hours, comp-offs, and flexible hours.

Ravi stressed that he believes the notion of men being breadwinners and women homemakers needs to change for the good. Even though women are fighting for their rights today, they still have to do a fair balancing act between their careers and caring for their families. He emphasized that having women-friendly policies and a better understanding of women’s problems go a long way in making our workplaces an equitable and inclusive place.

Technology is a great leveler and enabler. If we must fully reap its benefits, we need more women to contribute by creating and controlling technological innovation. Many startups like Uniphore are focused and committed to women’s empowerment in the tech domain. All these initiatives are not just nice-to-have but crucial to exploring opportunities that lie at the intersection of technology and gender. It needs the right mindset from tech entrepreneurs, VCs, business leaders, and government policymakers to succeed. We also need the right toolset and the initiatives to unleash women’s innovations and make this world a better place.

The session was exciting and engaging with many vital takeaways to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace and society.

You can watch the entire “Tech and Women Summit 2020” webinar here now!

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