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Conversational Assistant

  • BlogAug 1, 20224 min read

    Deliver Personalized Customer Service with Intelligent Virtual Assistant

    Providing personalized customer service experiences across industries and product types are no longer a novelty but crucial to maintaining excellent customer relationships. In today’s digital-first world, customers are increasingly connecting with...

  • BlogOct 29, 20203 min read

    Benefits of Chatbot in Telecom Customer Service

    Telecom is a tough industry to crack with high capital expenditure, longer gestation periods, demanding customers, and falling average revenue per user (ARPU). There is a constant need to play catch up with each new generation (3G/4G/5G) of services...

  • BlogNov 25, 20194 min read

    Conversational Automation in the Banking Industry

    Just recently, I inadvertently realized that having a savings bank account with one of the biggest banks won’t necessarily assure me of better customer service. Case in point, my bank issued credit card had just expired, and a new card was due....

  • BlogOct 9, 20193 min read

    Power of Voice – Are You Truly Listening to Your Customers?

    As a brand do you feel you are truly listening to your customers and their voice? Are you able to reach your customers who are communicating across channels – contact centers, social media, web chat, online forums, review sites, messaging...

  • BlogFeb 26, 20182 min read

    Latest Trends/News in Technology across BFSI 

    Banking industry has come a long way. Today, it is focusing on technology-intensive solutions to improve and optimize its functioning, revenues, customer experience etc. The entire industry is in a digital transformation mode and few things are the...

  • BlogFeb 22, 20182 min read

    What Are the Benefits of Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for BFSI?

    The digital voice-enabled assistant may not be an alien term for you after all these talks about Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning going on in the industry. These voice-based virtual assistants have in fact captured the...