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We chose to work with the team at Uniphore because they are the experts in solving complex customer service issues and because they've proven that they understand the specific business challenges we face.
Allison Garretson
Senior Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience

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The Uniphore Promise

There are numerous AI and RPA vendors you deal with, and they may promise the moon and more – which perhaps explains why only 5.7% of businesses* report high net promoter scores for their CX automaton solutions. (*NTT Global Customer Experience Benchmark 2020)

Our promise, though, is very simple – for us automation starts with RPA – responsible process automation – no pun intended.

Automation, AI and RPA are often prescribed in the recipe for transformation. Leaders need to proceed with a data driven mindset to avoid costly mistakes. We’re here to guide you along the way with years of expertise, innovative products and a dead set focus on improving contact center operations one interaction at a time.

Customer Stories That Feature Best Practices

Protect & Grow Revenue

Drive Conversion

Drive Order Value

Manage Churn

Cancellations & Refunds

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Reduce Errors

Boost FCR & Avoid Calls

Reduce Customer Effort

Boost NPS

Drive Operational Excellence

Reduce AHT

Reduce Onboarding Time

Reduce Transfers

Deflect Calls

Boost Business Agility

Rapid Integration

No-Code Design

Build Once Launch Anywhere

Continuous Improvement

Gartner Research: Contact Center Automation Strategy Based on Speech Analytics

Protect and Grow Revenue with Real-time Assistance

Boost sales conversion with proactive and effortless digital engagement. Increase order value with persuasive and timely objection handling during sales calls. Simplify the order entry process and make it easier to train new agents, seasonal hires and customer service representatives to sell like your pros. Protect your revenue and the customer experience during sensitive and complex dispute resolution interactions involving refunds and cancellations.

Uniphore clients have done it all and you can too when you resolve to streamline complex customer interactions, not only simple interactions.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with Contact Center Automation

Eliminate more than 90% of human error by automating mundane tasks using RPA. Jump in with real-time agent assist when your agents are about to make a mistake. Prevent the issue and train them to become better agents all at once, when it matters most. Avoid the next issue in the customer’s journey by helping your agents manage customer expectations after a critical event such as a new claim, purchase, or billing change. Deliver proactive and personalized customer service to manage exceptions and avoid calls. Reduce customer effort with a fully connected omnichannel customer experience.

See how these Uniphore clients automate the flow of knowledge, not only the flow of data and processes.

Boost Contact Center Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

Make the agent experience so simple and instructive that you can cut 75% of your classroom training and onboarding time. Reduce AHT by automating mundane tasks using an RPA bot. Let the bot copy paste and generate automated notes for the agent, so that your agents can focus on the customer interaction. When your efforts to avoid the next issue or call don’t work quite as expected, and when you simply need to deflect a call to a digital channel, do so in the most graceful manner possible with the industry leading Visual IVR.

With Uniphore, you can cut costs and boost NPS at the same time because, when we get to the drawing board, we start with the user experience, not the AI or automation technology.

Contact Center Automation Drives Business Agility

Harmonize existing systems and elevate your CX game at the same time. Stop building separate code bases, toolkits and development teams for each channel and modality in which you engage your customers. Keep your expertise, break down those silos, automate your process once, build multiexperience using the same toolkit in a no-code designer, powered by low-code automation and RPA capabilities. Run A/B tests, test your hypotheses and boost customer and agent adoption of your solutions. To lead in this digital era, build on AI middleware, not human middleware.

Results You Can Count On

Reduction in
Customer Effort
Improvement in
Self-Service Rates
Reduction in
Agent Onboarding Time
Reduction in
Error Rates
Reduction in
Average Handle Time
Improvement in
First Contact Resolution
Dedication to your
CX Success