Celebrating 11 Years of Uniphore!

Celebrating 11 Years of Uniphore!

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Eleven years ago in the incubation lab of IIT Madras, we set out to build a company called Uniphore. At the time, we set out to build the technology for natural language transmission and started working with banks, governments, and healthcare, to transform service through voice. In 2015, we pivoted our business towards customer service and decided to ready our product for overseas.

Fast forward to 2019, we have customers across Asia Pacific, the U.S. and India, with a vision to redefine the customer service experience of the future through AI-enabled Conversational Service Automation. We help our global clients transform the customer service they deliver by providing an integrated suite of software products focused on Conversational Analytics, Conversational Virtual Assistants and Conversational Security.

Looking back at our journey, here are a few highlights:

Celebrating 11 Years of Uniphore

Today, I’m proud of our journey and could not be happier that we are emerging as a leader in Conversational AI-based technology. We work with some of the largest brands and customer-centric organizations across industries, and the team at Uniphore continues to create innovative solutions with the same passion that it did 11 years ago.

We have talent and offices in the U.S., Singapore and India – and we’re still growing. For more information about our open positions, please visit us at https://www.uniphore.com/careers/.

By Umesh Sachdev
Co-founder and CEO, Uniphore

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