Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation Platform to be Leveraged for WNS’ EXPIRIUS

Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation Platform to be Leveraged for WNS’ EXPIRIUS

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PALO ALTO, Calif.,  Aug. 12, 2020 – Uniphore, an early leader in Conversational Service Automation, today announced that it will be providing its advanced conversational service automation platform to WNS, a leading Business Process Management (BPM) company, for its  recently-launched digital CX Solution, EXPIRIUS.

WNS will leverage Uniphore’s AI and automation capabilities to offer unique digital Customer Experience (CX) solutions integrating human-assisted design and domain expertise through EXPIRIUS.

“The message coming in from customers is loud and clear. They want better experiences. Yet, current  economic and societal challenges are preventing organizations from meeting those demands in a cost-effective manner,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Uniphore.  “WNS’ global expertise and their new CX solution, combined with our AI and Automation-driven technology platform can truly transform the industry.”

“It is our constant endeavour to understand our customer’s domain and co-create impactful solutions that can transform their businesses with agility and excellence. Our promise of outperformance stems from our deep domain expertise, partnership approach and a global delivery network,” said Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS. “We will be able to further strengthen our customer service capabilities with Uniphore’s offerings and deliver exceptional experiences to clients,” he added.

WNS will be able to accelerate customer response management, automate processes that will optimize efficiencies and reduce costs while enhancing customer experience by utilizing Uniphore’s Real IntentTM solutions.

“In today’s world, customer support needs are constantly evolving and new levels of capability and technology are required for success,” said Jafar Syed, Chief Growth Officer for Uniphore.  “This strategic partnership with WNS brings the benefits of their global expertise and our industry-leading technical capabilities that will ultimately help drive business transformation by delivering new customer experiences.”


About Uniphore: 

Uniphore is the global leader in Conversational Service Automation (CSA), which combines the power of artificial intelligence, automation technology and machine learning.  Uniphore is disrupting an outdated customer service model and bridging the gap between humans and machines by focusing on conversations. We make it possible for every voice, on every call, to be truly heard.

Uniphore delivers innovative solutions across a flexible platform to enable organizations to provide a better customer experience.  This includes intelligent conversational self-service, real-time conversational analytics, versatile agent co-piloting, intent detection, agent coaching, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and automated after call work. With Conversational Service Automation, enterprises can now engage their customers to effectively build loyalty, improve customer experience and realize operational efficiencies.

For more information, please visit www.uniphore.com and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  


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Rob Barlow, Uniphore

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