SpinSci and Uniphore:

Digital Patient Engagement Solutions

Uniphore and SpinSci have teamed up to combine Uniphore’s U-Assist conversational automation technology with SpinSci’s expertise in digital patient engagement.

Uniphore and SpinSci jointly support today’s technically savvy healthcare consumers through better understanding of consumer behavior and intent.

Together, we are working toward:

Increasing patient loyalty
Improving patient outcomes
Enhancing the overall patient experience
Driving health system efficiencies

Problems We Solve

Problems We Solve

Uniphore and SpinSci solve patient engagement challenges through integrations with electronic health records (EHRs) such as Epic and Cerner for automating notifications, reminders and self-service capabilities. Healthcare organizations that use Uniphore and SpinSci solutions see overall patient engagement reach higher levels, leading to improved outcomes and increased patient loyalty.

Problem: No shows and cancellations. Without reminders and notifications, patients often cancel or even forget about appointments. Missed appointments and cancellations cost the healthcare industry more than $150B a year.

Solution: Patient Notify provides outbound, EHR-triggered, omni-channel notifications with pre-packaged workflows.

Problem: Lack of Patient Access and Engagement. Technically savvy patients want more control over their care and easier access to their healthcare information.

Solution: Patient Engage empowers patients with control over their own workflows through virtual assistance and self-service.

Problem: Inefficient Contact Center Workflows. Agents lack access to patient information and often have to juggle disparate solutions dealing with siloed data—all of which leads to longer call times and higher abandonment rates.

Solution: Patient Assist creates real-time integration between contact centers and EHRs to:

Drive more efficient patient triage
Eliminate the need to work in multiple systems
Reduce handle times and abandonment rates
Improve both the patient and agent experience

Business Benefits:

Uniphore and SpinSci offer contact center automation and patient engagement solutions that complement each other, making agents’ and clinicians’ jobs easier and enhancing patient experience.

65 deployed workflows in 45 health systems1

Reduction in average handle time

Improvement in call deflection

Improvement in agent productivity

Improvement in referral and order to appointment conversion

SpinSci: A complete digital front door for your healthcare system.

SpinSci provides Patient Access Care, a one-stop solution to improving patient digital engagement and provider workflow efficiencies.

SpinSci Patient Access Care includes:

Patient Engage

Opens the digital front door with EHR-integrated self-service, enabling patients to manage their own workflows

Patient Notify

Drives proactive patient communication, improving outcomes and driving efficiency

Patient Assist

Provides a high-touch experience for patients and supports a “know me” experience with the contact center

Healthcare providers that partner with SpinSci for patient engagement:

Industry Supported


Uniphore and SpinSci empower healthcare organizations to:

reduction in no-shows 3
increase in response rates 3
50 million Epic transactions 3
average time saved identifying and verifying patients per call 3

Learn more about how Uniphore helps healthcare organizations by reading the blog “Benefits of Conversational AI in the Healthcare Sector.”

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