Complimentary Gartner Report:
Use Speech Analytics to Optimize Contact Center Costs with Self-Service, Process Improvement, and Deeper Engagement

Speech analytics should be used to uncover insights into historical inquiries and enable customer service organizations to revise processes and practices, as well as deflect inquiries to self-service and more appropriate channels of engagement. - Gartner

Call Center Automation Strategy Guide

In this report, we believe Gartner goes beyond the typical use case justification for speech analytics in the call center to help organizations see the true potential of the technology and get the most out of their investment. 

More than just a vehicle for QA replacement efforts, Gartner recommends using speech analytics to “redistribute and enhance customer inquiry engagement”.   An outcome supported by four key objectives: 

  • “Redirect phone calls that could easily be resolved with a conversational-based voice self-service platform.
  • Identify which types of phone calls could be better resolved in a more appropriate channel — email, conversational agents or web self-service.
  • Identify which types of calls require deeper agent support to engage the customer in a faster contact resolution.
  • Uncover procedural shortfalls that could deflect phone calls with proactive support.” According to Gartner

To read further into this point of view and gain access to Gartner’s step by step guide to take your speech analytics program to the next level, enjoy this complimentary download of the report on us.

Use Speech Analytics to Optimize Contact Center Costs with Self Service, Process Improvement, and Deeper Engagement, 07 May 2020, Steve Blood

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