Voice Analytics and AI

Unlock the true value of conversational data.

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Liberate Your Voice Data

Conversa empowers you to harness the vast opportunities of conversational data, providing 100% open access to high-quality, real-time or post-call voice data streams to underpin voice-AI and speech analytics investments.

For organizations who want to overcome common issues associated with extracting data from legacy call recording platforms (inaccessible data, poor quality data and high cost), it can also be provided as a non-invasive capture overlay solution without impacting your current infrastructure if you already have a call recording vendor in place.

By giving you complete control of what fuels AI – your data – you drive significant value from the analysis of this strategic asset to grow ROI and uncover unique business insights across compliance, customer experience, sales coaching and more.

Real Time = Real Value

Conversa’s open platform provides the optimal foundations to underpin voice-AI strategies, enabling agile innovation through access to real-time, high-quality stereo audio and rich contextual metadata capture. The results are the right data foundations that produce accurate transcripts to fuel speech analytics engines, optimizing the quality of insights generated from this rich data set.

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97% of organizations plan on adopting voice-AI technologies between now and 2026.

Your Data, Your Choice

Uniphore has always believed that organizations should have secure access to their own call data, and an open API approach has always been a core part of our offering. As a result of this openness, we work closely with leading voice-AI and analytics software partners to help you maximize the value of captured voice to drive value, reduce risk and encourage innovation.

Capture for AI

Augment voice investments with AI-ready data. Uniphore’s U-Capture for AI provides 100% access to real-time high-quality voice and media data sets without impacting your current call recording infrastructure.

AI-ready data

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Improve Capture for AI

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Quality of Recording

The Uniphore Quality of Recording capabilities improve capture for AI, enabling data quality to be maintained to feed into AI and analytics engines and underpin the insights and ROI generated from these platforms.

Automatic Speech Recognition

For voice data sets packed with rich insights, Conversa’s high-quality, real-time audio capture combines with cutting-edge model training and data-labeling for accurate, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding.

Real-time Audio Capture

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Automated AI-driven Insights

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Conversational Intelligence

Optimize agent and customer experience by augmenting your QA process with automated AI-driven insights you can act on, understanding context and deriving meaning to deliver immediate and measurable business value.

Voice-AI underpins multiple use cases

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Connect with any AI Application

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Are you able to leverage uncaptured, untracked, and unmanaged voice channels?

Lack of data sovereignty is stifling innovation across enterprises, with more organisations looking towards an open API approach to get the most out of their conversational data.

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