Meet Mary Ann Bianco, Chief Customer Officer

Meet Mary Ann Bianco, Chief Customer Officer

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Mary Ann BiancoIn honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you the inspiring and innovative women at Uniphore. Each week we will learn who inspired them, the advice they have for others and how they are helping create a gender-equal world. In today’s feature, we chatted with Mary Ann Bianco, the chief customer officer at Uniphore who is based in our Palo Alto headquarters. Enjoy the interview!

What women inspired you in your life?

It’s difficult to name all of them but I’d have to start with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Malala, and  somewhat less known but early women’s’ right advocate Margaret Sanger (1879–1966) – writer, founder president of Planned Parenthood. All the women who work tirelessly in various organizations such as UN WOMEN to speak up for Women’s rights around the world.

What advice do you have for women who are recent graduates getting into the workforce?

To speak up; step up; take control of what you want to do; look for mentors to help you along the way; be bold and strong.

How are you helping create a gender-equal world?

Very early in my career, I was usually the only woman in the room as I worked in high-tech from the late ’80s and as I undoubtedly witnessed gender discrimination, I routinely stood up for myself and for other women. I was fortunate to have female role models early in my sales career.  I later joined 2 non-profit Boards focused on advocacy, The PBWC (founded by congresswoman Jackie Speier), and Watermark. I’ve served over 12 years on these Boards in combined tours of duty. While at Oracle, I was one of 3 women founders of OWL (Oracle Women’s Leadership), which started as a grassroots effort from the Oracle Global Customer Support division, to become a global Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Today, OWL is still active in 27 countries and has over 75,000 members.  A legacy for which I am truly grateful.

And now for the rapid-fire portion of the interview to get to know Mary Ann a little better.

If you could call into a contact center for your favorite brand and have voice powering it who would it be? Dead or alive.

James Bond and specifically Daniel Craig.

Last book you read.

My Summer in Sicily.

The most adventurous thing you have done in life.

I hiked Machu Picchu. Check out the photo below:

Thanks to Mary Ann for her time. Stay tuned to this blog series for more interviews with inspiring and innovative women at Uniphore.

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