New Consumer Survey on Video Conversations: Trends, Fails & Wins

Explore the latest trends in video conversations, including both fails and wins.

The number of video conversations has drastically increased over the last few years – affecting nearly every aspect of life. But how do consumers feel about conversational AI and about using video conferencing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of video conversations? And are consumers open to ways of improving the call experience?

Uniphore conducted a survey to understand these questions and provide guidance for organizations considering conversational AI.

The survey spanned ten countries and focused on consumption patterns of video conversations across personal and professional use since the onset of COVID-19. The survey also asked respondents about the challenges faced during these conversations and their stance on the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive improvements in user experience.

1,000 Americans and 2,100 consumers across Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, UAE, and Vietnam participated in the survey.

View the full report to learn about video call sentiment and what it means for your organization.

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